WATCH: Ask any mum what she wants more of and the first thing she’ll probably say is...

Ask any mum what she wants more of and the first thing she’ll probably say is time, and then chocolate, or money, or a housekeeper.

But as mums, we know that we can’t scrape any more time in to 24 hours. So the only solution is to do more things in the time we have.

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Whether we’re gardening at 300% to get our exercise in, or telling our kids that clothes pegs are treasure so we can keep them entertained while hanging out the washing. Mums are never doing only one thing at once. It’s just not in our DNA.

Mamamia and OMO Ultimate have teamed up with some of our favourite mums to talk about the little short cuts they use to fit more in to their days. Listen to their genius time-saving solutions.

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