Kate Middleton's hairdresser shares the 2 blowdrying mistakes we're all making.

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Ever looked at a photo of Kate Middleton then back in the mirror at yourself and wondered why oh why your hair isn’t as shiny, full-bodied and well-behaved as hers?

Of course you have.

Fortunately we’re one step closer now her hairdresser of 10 years, Richard Ward, has shared the secrets on how to get her signature “Chelsea Blow Dry” in an exclusive video for People.

The reason why yours never quite compares? No, it’s not genetics or personal hair care assistants (one can dream!) but rather self-sabotage when it comes to blow drying our own hair at home.

Ward specifically singles out two bad habits as the worst offenders and they’re mistakes most of us make on the daily.

1. Shaking the hairdryer

You know that shaking action you do to the hairdryer when your arm’s starting to ache and you just want your hair to magically dry itself?

Far from speeding up the process, you’re actually putting yourself two steps back.

“The mistake that a lot of you make is that you shake the hairdryer at it [the hair] too much and it gets frizzy,” Ward explains in People‘s video.

Be gentle. Image: People

"So we need to be blow drying it from 75 to 80 per cent wet, which means we have to take 20 per cent of the wet away before we start."

To do this, Ward recommends turning your hairdryer down to a low heat and gently lift and heat the roots. "You should be 'Rough drying' it in a controlled way," he says. Consider it our new motto. (Post continues after gallery.)

2. Not using a nozzle.

Yes, that obscure-looking piece of plastic that always falls off (or is that just me?) is actually pretty important.

"Using the nozzle is the very thing that concentrates the heat and keeps the frizz away," he says.

"Always use the nozzle."

You heard the man! HRH The Duchess of Cambridge-approved hair, here we come.

Who is your ultimate hair idol?