Exactly how to get 'golden hour skin' - the dewy Instagram trend you're seeing everywhere.

If you're a lass with social media on your phone and skin on your face, you'll know the tremendous joys that comes with good lighting. 

You know that moment just after sunrise or just before sunset, that makes your skin look all beautifully golden and illuminated? It's utterly delightful. Marvellous for your cheekbones. Wonderful for the 'gram. 

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What it isn't, however, is practical. Because, finding that warm spot of light to achieve a flattering dewy  gleam to the skin is EXHAUSTING. 

And yes, we know you can use ring lights and all the jazz - but it's not the same. A good sun-drenched location just hits different, y'know?


It makes you look arrogantly healthy and glowing in a way that fools people into thinking you've either had several chemical peels or a very good orgasm. Or both.

So, what is one to do when they want to recreate that skin-deep radiance outside of the usual golden hours? 

Well, we have an inkling that it involves some well-placed highlighter. Which is why we've brought in an expert!

We asked celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown for his top tips on how to achieve golden hour skin. 

Hold up. What exactly is 'golden hour skin'?

Alrighty, let's give you a rundown on what 'golden hour skin' actually is, hey? Seems like a good place to start.

Brown describes this buzzy trend as "a sunrise or sunset-inspired diffused golden light that hits the skin," giving it a "blurred, yet golden highlighted glow".


"Think candlelight but daytime," he adds.

Why is it so popular?

So, what's the go? Why has striking a pose in the sunset light suddenly become a ~thing~ everyone is doing on social media?

"I mean, who doesn’t good in candle light? But think of it as a warm spotlight on the face," said Brown.


"It's bright enough to diffuse and blur imperfections, while warming up your skin tone for a healthy glow. Plus, highlight points is a big focus on where this light can hit - it gives you a natural contour!"

Sign us up, pls.

Okay, gimmie the goods. How can I get 'golden hour skin'?

First up, you're going to prep your skin with LOTSA glorious hydration.

"Skin prep always plays a big part in any good makeup application, but even more so in this case," said Brown.

"Lots of instant, gel-like hydration prep to quickly plump skin. Light dewiness is better than, say, a full matte finish."

So, no matte. We don't like matte, anyway - never calls us back.

Okay, so after you've prepped your skin with delicious hydrating ingredients (hyaluronic acid! ceramide! glycerin!), Brown said to reach for a blurring primer (his pick is Make Up For Ever Pore Minimizer Face Primer, $62) and apply it to certain areas of your face. 

We also like the OG Benefit POREfessional Face Primer, $56, Trinny London Miracle Blur, $48 or CoverFX Original Blurring Primer, $30.

"Always use a blur primer in the centre of the face to really smooth and control excess shine in that area, so that only highlight points are popping, not the whole face," said Brown.

Image: Mamamia

When it comes to your base makeup, Brown said to opt for a combo of liquid highlighter and foundation in order to level up the dew-factor. 


"I usually mix a little warm, bronze liquid highlight into foundation, so skin has a spotlight effect plus an overall warmth," he said. 

Brown uses a few drops of Hylamide Photography Foundation, $24, into either skincare or foundation for an added glow.

If you're looking for more options, there are *tonnes* of other great liquid highlighters that can help you nab that radiant base. 

Some of our faves are Mecca Max Liquid Light, $26, Iconic London Illuminator, $68 and Revlon Skinlights Face Glow Illuminator, $12.47.

Image: Mamamia

"Less foundation application is key to see skin shine through," notes Brown. So, opt for minimal coverage rather than full.

"Think a light veil of colour just to even your skin's texture. If you mix a bronze liguid glow or highlight through your foundation as suggested, the warm pigment counteracts pink tones for fair skin and then brings to life and brightens olive skin tones."

Like magic!


"Brush up brows, apply mascara and perhaps a light ‘shading’ in areas you want to hollow. But this look is all about warm, glowing, diffused skin, so tone down anything else besides golden pigment or highlight to pop points of the face."

Read: less is more!

Would you try golden hour skin? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/ @taniellejaimua

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