Need to wake up at 7am? Then you should go to bed at one very specific time...

Need to wake up at 7am? Then you should go to bed at one very specific time…

It’s a game-changer.

Did you wake up exhausted again this morning, feeling like you’d somehow been hit by a semi-trailer in your sleep?

Did you arrive at work, only to think “Oh dear god it’s only 9.05am and I have another eight hours of fresh hell before I can curl up on the couch and nap someone please help me”?

And have you been chain-swigging coffee ever since, just to stay somewhat alert?

Well, good news, friends – we’ve found a genius hack to help you get a blissful, perfect, refreshing night’s sleep, every night.

Introducing the Sleep Calculator – aka a genius little tool that will change your whole damn life. You are so welcome.

All you have to do is visit the website, and enter the time you have to wake up in the morning to get a list of the most beneficial times to go to sleep, according to science.

And the thing about it is, it’s specific. So, if you need to wake up at 6am, you need to go to sleep at 8.46pm, or 10.16pm, or even 1.16am.

Because the Sleep Calculator dictates that it’s not just HOW many hours you get, but how many complete sleep cycles you squeeze in.

Alternatively, if you are ready for bed right now, the Sleep Calculator will tell you the best possible time for you to wake up.

According to the site, maximising your sleep is a precise science.

Getting a good night’s sleep is about more than simply going to bed early – it’s about waking up at the right time too. Using the body’s natural rhythms, our bedtime calculator can work out the best time for you to rise or go to sleep.

That’s it – we’re never leaving our bed time up to chance like a bunch of fools ever again.

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? How do you get a better night’s sleep? 

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