Burning beauty question: How do I rescue my overly-bleached hair?

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The age-old question at the front of every hairdresser’s book is how to resuscitate fried, damaged,  bleached hair. Below I have listed three ways that you can recover from a chemical haircut.

The Devoted

For those who aren't willing to give up easily, the solution is Activance. A new product that's been on the market since last year, it uses the revolutionary rhodonide to stimulate hairgrowth. Don't let the pest spray style bottle deter you- it will encourage fresh growth on both your poor fried scalp and your hubby's balding head.  At around $44.95 its not cheap, and it's not an overnight solution. It will however thicken up seriously damaged hair.

Activance Rhodanide Hair Stimulating Solution, buy here.

The Simple

Hairdressers talk a lot about protein. That's because protein is the strength in your hair. If your hair is snapping it means it doesn't have enough protein to stay together any more. Go to a salon, get your hairdresser to put in Redken "CAT" treatment and take home a bottle of Anti-Snap with you. Your hair will love it! Redken Extreme Anti-Snap, buy here.

The Realistic

How much can products really save your fried hair? Probably not a lot. Cut it off. Get a new shape. Dye it darker again using an ammonia free semi-permanent to give it a new lease on shine. Give yourself the opportunity to prove that you are more than that mop of blonde hair you have had hanging below your boobs for time immemorial. Relish in the chance to give yourself a whole new hair personality.

And of course...

Whichever of these three you choose make sure you have on hand a bottle of Moroccan Oil. While its effects may be primarily cosmetic, your hair will eat it up and it will look exactly one thousand times healthier than it really is. It smells so delicious you will want to bathe in it. Mix it with your conditioner for a cheap treatment and your hair will feel immediately softer.

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