Help! I dropped my makeup, now what?

Images via The Glow Instagram

There is no greater beauty disaster than the sound of your favourite (and probably most expensive) makeup compact hitting the bathroom floor and smashing to dust.

But there is salvation, it lies within rubbing alcohol. Remember Isocol? The stuff in the green bottle with the crocodile? That’ll do the trick.

Rubbing alcohol works on any smashed compact: eyeshadow palettes, blush, contour, face and brow powders.

How to fix a broken compact:

  1. Open your compact, pour a small drop or two of alcohol into the broken powder. Use an eye dropper if you have one so you don't overdo it.
  2. Using a brush push the product back into the compact, and smooth it over with a small spatula or cotton tip.
  3. Place plastic wrap or paper towel over the top and place something heavy like a book or glass of water to press it flat (optional).
  4. Leave to dry overnight.
  5. TADA! It's fixed. The alcohol has evaporated and the powder is reset.

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