The bizarre trick that could guarantee you a better sleep tonight.

There’s nothing worse than being exhausted after a long day and knowing you need a full night’s rest only to climb into bed and find yourself wide awake.

But according to one sleep expert, the trick to remedying this all too annoying experience is simple.

Reach for your sunglasses and throw some shade.

how to fall asleep quicker

Go on, we're listening. Source: Giphy.

"Beginning at eight at night, two hours before [the] time I want to go to bed, I wear sunglasses. Not because my future’s so bright, but because I’m trying to avoid light. I’m trying to tell my clock that this is the end of the day," postdoctoral research fellow Glenn Landry told CBC News.

By adding some shade to your immediate surroundings, you're shutting out the light emitted from TV screens, mobile phones, laptops, computers, hand-held devices and everything else we seem to surround ourselves with these days.

And it's that light, the University of British Columbia research says, that's contributing to our involuntary late nights.

how to fall asleep quicker

The simple way of how to fall asleep quicker, explained. Source: iStock.

"We have artificial sources of light available to us 24 hours a day," Landry continued.

"We've got our laptops with us, and we're doing email and we're watching TV late at night. And so we're getting light at night [which] impacts our circadian rhythms, our daily biological rhythms."

how to fall asleep quicker

So that's how you fall asleep quicker. Sounds good. Source: Giphy.

It's no secret that sleep loss has short and long term effects on our health - from irritability to memory loss, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. So a remedy that sits in a glasses case nearby sounds pretty good to us.

Time to don your glasses and throw some shade on your weeknight.

For more tips on getting those coveted eight hours, listen to The Well podcast's sleep episode:

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