Bec Judd explains why you definitely shouldn't skip those pelvic floor exercises.

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There’s a lot to remember to do (and not do!) when it becomes pregnancy.

Mamamia’s pregnancy podcast Hello Bump helps to to break it down with a step by step guide to every stage of your baby-having journey.

In the latest episode, TV presenter and former pregnant woman Bec Judd shared the one thing you should definitely be doing in month four – your pelvic floor.

Listen to Bec Judd explain th+e importance of pelvic floor exercises on the latest episode of Hello Bump. 

“I would definitely get cracking on your pelvic floor exercises. So if you’re listening now ladies, clench up from your bumhole to your vagina and lift those muscles up like your stopping yourself from weeing,” she explains.

“It’s important that you go all the way back – this is the physio talking to me in my mind, I’m just relaying what she says to me – and you hold it for 10 seconds. Then after you’ve done those reps, you do 10 really quick ‘flicks’, so you just go on and off.

“Make sure you really let it go between turning it on and off and do that three times a day. Then you will stop yourself from weeing your pants for the rest of your life every time you laugh at a funny joke or sneeze or run down a hill.”


Judd also shared that after having twins Tom and Darcy, she was afraid that she would be “ruined down there”.

“I was obsessed with that idea because I thought ‘two twin heads down there, bouncing around for almost nine months’, so I was really conscious about doing it with the twins and afterwards of going so hard on the pelvic floor exercises,” she said.

D+T+R= ????

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“And can I tell you now that my pelvic floor is better than ever now after having twins. That’s as a direct result of doing the exercises. So it prevents prolapse and you pissing your pants.”

The good news is that there are plenty of apps out there that can help remind you to do your exercises, sending you a notification when it’s time.

“You’ve got to commit,” says Judd.

Oh, we will.

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