Eleven easy ways to make yourself fall in love with running.

From “borrowing” your friend’s dog to treating yourself, these tips are guaranteed to work.

When it comes to exercise, I’ll pick running over any other sport.

There’s something about grabbing a water bottle, lacing up your running shoes and heading out into nature that you just can’t get inside a sweaty gym. Especially not while you’re binge-watching TV on a treadmill.

Whether you’re a marathon runner, a social runner or somewhere in between, it’s a sport that absolutely anyone can do. Seriously – you don’t need natural athletic ability or a great throwing arm (thank God). It’s the easiest sport and, in my opinion, the most fun.

I was never great at cricket or soccer (or anything else that required real ability) but I’ve been a runner for most of my life. From competing when I was in high school to jogging because I felt like it or doing laps just to get outside, it was always my go-to activity when I was bored.

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But in between a busy career and settling into life in a new state, running dropped further and further down on my list of Things I Really Need To Do.

So when I do tick it off my list, I use these tips to help me fall back in love with running.

1. Make a really great playlist to run to.

I always make a running playlist filled with my favourite songs. It’s an easy way to get yourself pumped up before working out. Whether it’s a great album you just bought or some catchy classics, you can immerse yourself in the music and just forget everything else around you.

2. Run with a friend.

Good chats, great company then followed up by coffee? Perfect. Plus, that extra hour of sleep doesn’t feel too good when it also means you’re standing someone up.

3. Make a running plan and force yourself to stick to it.

Set daily/weekly/monthly goals on your phone and tick them off as you go. You’ll feel so successful each time you tick off a goal.

4. Find a picturesque part of your city as your running spot.

Wherever you live, there’s bound to be a beautiful area that’s perfect to run through. Google your city’s best spots and head out there on a Sunday afternoon. Bonus: It’ll make for a great Instagram photo. #NoFilter.


5. Mix it up, location-wise.

Don’t always run in the same area. Whether it’s a park one day and a river the next, frequently changing locations will keep things interesting.

6. Buy yourself some new workout gear.

New, comfortable and correctly-fitting running shoes, new water bottle, new socks, new active wear. If you look the part, you’ll play the part.

Here’s one of our favourite shoes for those keen to hit the pavement. Post continues after gallery.

7. Join a running group.

Proven fact: Everything is more fun in groups. It’s also a great way to meet people, especially if you’re new to the area.

8. Bring your dog – or borrow a friend’s dog.

Looking at a fluffy animal while you run will absolutely make you happy. But dogs run fast, so make sure you can keep up.

9. Bargain with yourself.

If you just do one more lap, you won’t feel so guilty about the block of chocolate you’re definitely going to eat later.

10. Sign up for a fun run.

Because nothing says ‘I love running’ more than getting covered in coloured chalk while running with your friends. Seriously though, it seems like there are fun runs most weekends in Australia. Sign a friend up with you and get your family/friends/colleagues to sponsor you.

11. Reward yourself.

Did two kilometres instead of one today? You deserve that $300 outfit you’ll wear once and never again. Go on, treat yourself.

Do you run? How do you make running enjoyable for yourself? 

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