7 simple ways to energise your mind and soul.

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Green juice, superfoods, aerial yoga — these days we hear a lot about all the ways we can energise our body. But what about our soul?

Best-selling author and spritual mentor Rebecca Campbell has seven tips for us to nourish our mind, body and soul.

1. Earthing

Spending time in direct contact with nature brings your soul back into harmony with the rest of the planet, because it brings you back into your body.

Whether it’s at the beach or in your garden, take off your shoes and connect with the earth under your feet. Take a few deep belly breaths, close your eyes and ask Mother Earth to bring you back down to earth and start filling you up. (Post continues after gallery. Images via iStock.) 

2. Let go of something that drains your energy

Write a list of what is currently draining your energy and dampening your spirit. It could be your daily commute, an object in your home, a job you don’t like or a commitment that you no longer want to keep. Pick one of the things from your list — as small or as big as you like — and make a plan of action to let it go.

3. Meditation

Your intuition is the voice of your soul and it’s always calling every moment of every day. But in order to hear it, we need to put the time aside to actually listen. Carving out just five or 10 minutes to tune in can be a life-enhancing experience. Einstein said the intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational one its faithful servant. In order to tap into your sacred gift, commit to a daily meditation practice for 21 days and get ready to see the results.

Watch: If you’re new to meditation, follow this great tutorial by Paper Tiger. (Post continues after video.)


4. Light Sourcing

Light Sourcing is a new form of relaxation where you get back into flow with the energy of the universe. When we are in flow with the energy of the universe, life becomes more effortless. It takes less than ten minutes and leaves your heart, spirit and soul feeling filled up. Download a free MP3 here.

5. Chanting

Kundalini, Kirtan and Siddha Yoga classes are becoming more and more popular as people are discovering the powerful effects of chanting. When you chant the mantras over and over again it allows your mind to switch off and your soul to step forward and find its voice. If attending a class is a bit of a leap for you, try listening to singers such as Gurunam Singh, Nikki Slade and Krishna Das, and singing along.

Chanting can be powerful. (iStock)

6. Playing and creating

You've probably noticed the crazy surge of colouring-in books for adults; they're everywhere. 'Play' — defined as any activity that has no attachment to the outcome — is making a comeback, due to the significant benefits it has on reducing stress and helping our brain rest. The best thing is that while you're playing, you will probably find that a solution to a problem you’ve had for a while drops in out of nowhere.

7. Do something that inspires you

When you do something that inspires you, you are actually feeding your spirit. Write down three things that leave you feeling inspired and take your spirit on a date. It could be seeing a musical, flicking through your favourite travel magazine, creating a vision board or learning about the stars. Whatever it is, notice how it lights you up and leaves you feeling energised.

What do you to do benefit your soul?

Rebecca Campbell is the best selling author of Light Is the New Black and is hosting an event in Sydney this Sunday called Rise Sister Rise.