You've been eating these four foods the wrong way.

At the beginning of this week, we didn’t know we could do ‘eating‘ wrong.

We thought it was just a matter of finding food items and getting them into our mouth hole as quickly as possible. And, if we’re honest, we thought we were pretty damn good at that.

But then we came across some food hacks. And without overstating it – they have completely changed our lives forever.

Because life is too short to have the inside of your hamburger fall all over your lap mid-date.

Life is TOO short to spend an hour crying after losing the icing off your cupcake.

Life is TOO short to spend 10 minutes trying to open a banana.

And life is TOO bloody short to enter into a physical altercation with a pistachio nut.

Fear no more my hungry friends, because we demonstrate the most effective ways to eat all your favourite snacks.

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