Spring called, and it wants you to try these 3 easy pastel eyeshadow looks.

Spring is my favourite time of year: it’s bright, colourful and it means summer is almost here. If you can't get out and embrace the outdoors - i.e. if you’re in Melbourne in lockdown like me - now is the perfect time to experiment with beauty looks. So why not get creative?

In case you haven't noticed, pastel is back in a big way for spring, and swiping it on your lids is the makeup look of the season.

I love pastel makeup because it complements all skin tones and elevates any look to the level of spring goddess we’re all striving to achieve. Plus, it’s just super pretty.

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I'm here to share some cute looks that will help you add a pop of colour to your eyes and brighten your entire makeup look in a flash. But before you go adding ALL of the colours to your eyes, remember that skincare comes first - so prep your skin beforehand! Because fresh, hydrated skin is *always* in.

Floating pastel liner.

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Just because it’s eyeliner, doesn’t mean that the line has to conform to your lash line. Made popular by influencers like Shay Mitchell and Flex Mami, the floating liner look is all the rage and we’re giving it a pastel twist. 

Speaking of Flex should listen to Mamamia's podcast for your face, You Beauty, where we take a peek inside her beauty bag! Post continues below. 

I created this look by first drawing the design onto my lids with concealer and then adding the coloured eye shadow on top. But there are so many brands out there that are selling pastel-coloured eyeliner, which makes it a quick flick and you’re on your way! It’s a win for me because it’s fast, easy and you can keep the eyeliner in your bag for a quick work-to-drinks transition.

Pastel watercolour eye look.

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Trust me when I say that the pastel watercolour eye is a trend you’re going to see everywhere. Even though it looks pretty technical, it’s suitable for all makeup ability levels - from amateur to pro.


It’s so easy because it’s just one colour. Simply apply some primer, pick your colour, apply it to your eyelid and blend it out. Done! Pink, blue (yes, blue eyeshadow is back) and purple are the colours to have in your kit - or you could just get a pastel palette and you'll be set forever.

I’ve also added a pale lip to offset my eyes.

Pastel inner corner

Image: Supplied 

Adding a little colour to your smokey eye is an easy way to brighten up a classic look. This look is back in vogue thanks to Kylie Jenner and her team of makeup artists, who are well aware that adding a bright colour to the inner corner of your eye makes your peepers appear wider and more open. Cool trick, right?

It’s super easy, too! Once you’ve completed your standard smokey eye, pop a little primer in the corner and add the colour of your choice on top. And you’re done!

Extra tips for nailing pastel eye looks.

Here are my top tips for amazing pastel eyes:

  1. Always prime before applying your eyeshadow colours. Primer will create a smooth base on your eyelid, making the pigment more intense and ensuring that your look will last throughout day or night. If you don’t have eye primer, try a concealer.

  2. Invest in a quality palette. Good eyeshadow doesn’t need to be expensive but when aiming for a coloured eye, make sure you’re using an eyeshadow with vibrant pigment. It’s easy to check - when you run your finger over the tester shadow in store, does it come out bright or a little transparent? Go with the bright option.

  3. Remember to use a setting spray. When you’ve finished applying your makeup, do yourself a favour and spray some setting spray across your masterpiece. The last thing you want is your makeup moving halfway down your face through the night.

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What are some of your favourite spring beauty looks? Share with us in the comment section below.

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