The 1 minute trick to de-puffing puffy eyes

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I once read in Cosmo that the best way to get rid puffy eyes was to dip your face in a sink full of ice cubes. Being an impressionable 16-year-old at the time, I did this for three days in a row until I realised I wasn’t 37, nor did I have a puffy eye situation worthy of such pain.

Slow learner, I know.

If you’ve ODed on late nights or salty foods, there are much nicer ways to de-puff your eyes than dipping your face into an ice bath of pain.

If you’ve got one minute…

Cold spoons

Don’t have 15 minutes to laze around with cucumber slices or tea bags over your eyes? Me neither. The fastest way to deflate the puff is to place two refrigerated teaspoons, curved side down over each eye until they turn warm. Do this 2-3 times if needed. The cold restricts blood vessels, reducing both swelling and redness.

If you regularly have puffy eyes you can place spoons in the fridge overnight, or if you’ve woken up with them, place them in the freezer for a quick blast. (Test on the back of your hand before putting directly on your skin.)

Don’t get too stressed over your under-eye puff – even the world’s most famous women go through it too:

If you’ve got more time…

Cucumber slices

Those days where you do have more time, slice up a cool cucumber and place over eyes for 10-15 minutes. Along with a high water content, cucumbers also contain vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and caffeic acid, which reduces irration and soothe the skin.

Raw egg white

I know, it sounds messy – and it is, but it’s worth it. Dip your clean fingers into egg white and apply it to your under eye area. As it dries on your skin, it tightens the skin underneath your eyes. Rinse off after five minutes.


Potato slices

Raw cold potato works much the same way as cucumber, the astringent properties in spuds work to reduce irritation and swelling. To do: apply thin slices of cold potato to your eyes for 5-10 minutes.

Tea bags

Steep two black or green tea bags (you want a tea that’s high in caffeine) in hot water and place the cup in the fridge overnight. In the morning, place each tea bag over closed eyes after squeezing out the excess liquid. Leave for five minutes. The caffeine helps to constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling.

Drop the salt

I recently learned via Teresa Palmer that ‘Sushi face’ is a real thing. Celebrities avoid eating too much salt (like the soy sauce with sushi) before a big event because sodium causes puffiness around the eyes and – shock horror – WHOLE FACE. Sushi makes you puffy? I feel like my whole life has been a lie.

What are your tricks for reducing the puff?

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