A woman's brutally honest response to a job offer has gone viral for all the right reasons.

UK woman Olivia Bland has shared her email declining a job offer after she was put through a “brutal two hour interview” with a travel software company, and it’s since gone viral.

In her tweet, the 22-year-old described being humiliated by the company’s CEO; she was told why she “wasn’t good enough,” called an underachiever, and despite visibly showing she was uncomfortable, he continued to berate her.

“I would like to thank you for the offer, but I have decided to decline,” she wrote in her email.

“The interview process yesterday was very uncomfortable for me. I understand the impact that Craig was trying to have, but nobody should come out of a job interview feeling so upset that they cry at the bus stop.

“There is something very off to me about a man who tries his best to intimidate and assert power over a young woman, and who continues to push even when he can see that he’s making somebody uncomfortable to the point of tears.”

Sharing her history of previously being in an abusive relationship, Olivia likened the interview process to “being sat in a room with my abusive ex”.

“I’ve been in this position before: they tear your down, abuse you, take you to breaking point, and then they take you out to dinner or buy you a present to apologise and make it seem like they’re the nice guy,” she wrote.

“This job is supposed to be the present. I don’t want it.

“I’m not going through that again, in any capacity. I suppose I’m supposed to feel privileged enough to be good enough for the job. I don’t.”

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Image: Twitter.

Since sharing her post, thousands of fellow Twitter users have applauded her response for standing up to the CEO, with others sharing their experiences of similar interviews.



Taking advantage of her viral status, Bland shared her CV in a later tweet and in 24 hours her job search garnered 1,500 retweets and 135 comments, with prominent UK businesswoman and advertising consultant, Cindy Gallop, also reaching out.



Responding to Bland's allegations, the CEO of the company has since released a statement (and debatable apology) on his personal Twitter account, stating that it wasn't his "intent" to cause hurt.

"I am so sorry that anyone has been hurt, it is never my intent. I have sat watching the messages pouring in all night and humbly submit this sleep-deprived and anxiety-driven message," he wrote.

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The reply. Image: Twitter.

Either way, for Bland it seems like his response was too little too late.

"Your apology is acknowledged but it is also driven by your own pain for yourself. You told me in my interview that people have walked out and cried when you've interviewed them so I don't know why you're acting surprised for being called out. You know what you've done to people," she wrote back on Twitter.

And with hundreds of prospective job offers coming in for Bland from all over the UK, it's clear who's got the last laugh.

Have you ever been put in a similar interview experience? How did you deal with it? Tell us in a comment below.