“It was even worse than I expected." Just 16 of our fave self-isolation haircuts and dye jobs.

We are at a very precarious time in history.

There’s a raging global pandemic and those of us who can, have been encouraged to remain house-bound. These factors, however, also make this a prime moment for a spontaneous DIY hair cut or dye job.

As the saying goes, change is as good as a holiday but when that’s off the cards, maybe a new fringe will suffice? In some cases, however, the risks outweigh the rewards – even more so if you have absolutely no experience in cutting hair.

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To those who’ve tried and had less than desirable results, we thank you for sacrificing yourself for the entertainment of the masses. And to those who have succeeded with surprisingly amazing results, well done.

Laura Henshaw, who co-founded the Keep it Cleaner app, is the latest person to try her hand at isolation haircutting. And it didn’t exactly go…. well.

In a video posted to Instagram, Laura is seen giving her fiancé Dalton Graham a trim (which she admits was his idea in the first place). Only it turned out Dalton’s hair got a bit more than just a ‘trim’.

“Today’s activity was me cutting Dalt’s hair in our new home salon,” she captioned the post.

“It was even worse than I expected it to be.”


“He didn’t give me enough creative direction and I feel if I had’ve had more it would have been a different result but I did my best,” she wrote.

At least the couple devised a pretty sensible back up plan if things went awry. “I will shave my head if you bugger this up,” Dalton said early on in the video.

But Laura isn’t the only one who’s had a few hair-cutting mishaps, here’s 15 examples which showcase a spectrum of DIY hairdressing.

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But not all quarantine haircuts and dye jobs have been disasters – no offence. Should you want to tempt fate, consider using these hair switch-ups as inspiration.



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Quarantine diaries

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Would you give yourself a quarantine haircut or dye job? Tell us in a comment below.

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