You've been cutting limes wrong your whole life.

If Little Women taught us one thing it’s that limes are a valuable commodity.

The juicy green fruit can add zest to the dullest of meals and makes a mean mojito to boot, but at around $1.70 a pop they’re also expensive, which is why wastefulness is not an option.

So, how do you wring the most from your dollar-and-a-bit? Well, that’s easy: Just quarter that baby up and squeeze the bejeezus out of the pieces.


Apparently, we’ve all been cutting limes wrong our whole lives.

Observe the instructions on this box of limes, posted to Reddit:

WTF. Source: Reddit

"To obtain the most juice first slice in three parts," it explains (in capitals though, so you know they mean serious business). "Then cut the middle part in three sections."

That way you'll get 100% of the juice, it claims.

I know. Life changing.

The community of Reddit weren't entirely sold on the new method though, which frankly, raises more questions than it answers.

"I am curious how you proceed to juice the lime," one user wrote. "It looks kind of awkward."

"Place on cutting board. Smash with cement block. Sop up with sponge," proffered another.

We've yet to test the method, but with gin and tonic season fast approaching, it's as good a time as any.

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