Finally. You can customise your Nutella jar with your name.

Nutella: the chocolate spread that just keeps on giving.

Ask anyone if they thought Nutella could be improved on, and most would come up short.

It’s basically the perfect spread.

But in a huge game-changer, Nutella has actually been improved on, as now, you can customise the label so that it is your OWN NAME. Which means that no-one can ever steal your jar ever again.

You merely plug your name into the box provided at, create the label, and send it to yourself via email.

Then, you print it out and slap it on your desired Nutella jar so everyone knows that it’s yours.

Not only is this an incredibly positive development for every person with a name, but it also pulls on a particular heart-string for those of us who have a name that has never appeared on a name-tag in gift shops as a child.

Here’s to all the other Dimitys out there who know what I’m talking about.


As with everything on the Internet though, “comedians” quickly jumped on this delightful and created their own ~hilarious~ names and shared them with all on social media.

Like Poop. And dysentery.

Stay classy, world.

Have a look through the other ingenious names that fit within the 9 character limit.