How to completely make yourself over (when you only have $200 to spare).

How much do you think you spend on your hair each year?


How much do you think you spend on your hair each year? Go on, take a minute a think about it, I’ll wait.

Ready? How did you go? $50? $200? If you regularly cut and colour your hair (even if you don’t go back every 6-8 weeks – who does?) I’m guessing that figure was somewhere north of $1000.

But what if – and stay with me here – we take that money and put it towards a total makeover instead. We all want to look good, but if we can do it on a budget, even better, right?

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Garnier Olia. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in her own words.

But what about my hair, Nicky? I can hear you say. Well, I have a plan for that. I’m going to show you how you can save the $200 you would spend at the hairdresser’s and use it to overhaul your winter self and leave you hair looking fab.

1. Upgrade your wardrobe.

Remember from 2004-to-2005 when everyone was into shopping at second-hand and vintage shops? I think it had something to do with Sex and the City being on our screens? Anyway, if it’s been awhile for you, they are worth revisiting because they’re still a goldmine of (mostly) affordable, sparkly clothing.

The best op shops in each capital city:

Sydney: Cream on Crown, C’s Flashback, The Vintage Clothing shop and Reverse Gabage.

Melbourne: Retro star, Circa, Shag, Vintage Garbage, and a visit to vintage homewares haven, Chapel St Bazaar is a must.

Canberra:   April’s Caravan, Down Memory Lane, Frith Street, Hipsely Lane.

Brisbane: Ra Ra Superstar, La Bella Donna, Atomic Martini Vintage, Can You Keep a Secret?

Perth: Ms Brown vintage, Fi&Co, Bluebird Vintage.

Tasmania: Hello Gorgeous Vintage, Nanna’s Coffee and Vintage.

Your budget here: $100.

Get an early start on Spring-cleaning by overhauling your makeup bag.

2. Makeover your make up bag.

Are you still hoarding a brown lipstick from 1995? Get an early start on Spring-cleaning by overhauling your makeup bag. One of the quickest ways you can change your look is by painting on a bright lippie.


Reds and deeper shades continue to be popular during winter, but you’ll want to add a bright pink or coral to your makeup arsenal for the warmer months.

Another key makeup trend is coloured eyeliner. If you’re not that keen on wearing turquoise or bright pink or – gasp – yellow, a deep plum, navy or emerald green looks sophisticated while adding a punch of colour.

Your budget here: $70.

3. Get active.

So far we’ve tackled clothes and makeup – now it’s time to shed the tracksuit pants and release some endorphins.

One of the biggest secrets healthy people know is that you don’t need to spend thousands on expensive gym memberships. Look up the best walking tracks in your capital city, lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement.

Your budget here: $10 – for a bus/train ticket.

4. Colour your hair at home (yes, really).

While I’m not going to suggest you cut your own fringe (ok, maybe I am), colouring your hair at home is a whole new ball game. In the last few years, the home hair colour market has lifted its game with more vibrant shades, formulations that condition the hair and are long-lasting.  Plus, they don’t smell like KP24 Nit Treatment, particularly if you choose one with no ammonia. If you hate spending hours in the salon impatiently waiting for your hair colour, this way you can do it in Offspring’s ad breaks.

Garnier’s Olia is the first home hair colour that uses oil, not ammonia, to colour your hair. It’s made with four flower oils, so it has none of that chemical stench. With 18 shades from Very Light Blonde to Night Black, there’s a colour for everyone. With all the celebrities experimenting with rainbow coloured hair, why not go for a radiant red or vibrant copper to brighten your look this winter? You can find Garnier Olia at major retailers including Coles, Woolworths, Priceline, Target and Big W.

Your budget here: $20.

Check out some of the awesome coloured hair these celebs have rocked  …

What do you do to get a new look without breaking the bank?

At Garnier

, we know that oil can do much more than just condition your hair. When concentrated at the heart of the formula, oil achieves maximum colour expression and becomes a new way to colour. Olia’s Oil Delivery System (O.D.S.) propels colour deep inside the hair without the use of ammonia giving you absolutely lavish, vivid, long-lasting colour. Olia visibly improves the quality of your hair leaving it 35% softer and 17% shinier* and has a delicate floral fragrance giving you a new experience for your senses when colouring your hair at home. Olia, permanent hair colour powered by oil, not ammonia.

*instrumental test