The big mistake we're all making when cleaning the toilet.

How often do you clean your toilet brush? If the answer is never then you might want to rethink your approach to cleaning.

We know, cleaning the toilet about as much fun a task as paying your electricity bill. When we do it, we do it quickly. But in this rush to get it over with, we are all skipping a crucial step in preventing the build-up of hazardous germ and bacteria growth.

You see, bacteria gets transferred to the toilet brush as you clean the loo, and if you don’t clean that off, you’re risking turning the brush holder into a health hazard, according to hygiene expert Stephanie from Expert Home Tips.

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Stephanie tells The Sun that germs can multiply if left to their own devices.

“In order to minimise this risk, the toilet brush should be bleached after use to kill germs,” she says.

Meanwhile, Esther Gantus from A Woman’s Touch recommends regularly soaking your toilet brush in disinfectant for a few hours or overnight.

And if you really want to make sure your toilet has been cleaned properly, you shouldn’t be ignoring the back of the toilet – which also needs a scrub from time to time.

Do you clean your toilet brush?

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