"Back to brand new." People are swearing by this $8 Coles product that cleans your shower in 10 minutes.

When it comes to our weekend cleaning ritual, there are a few chores we all truly despise.

Chores like cleaning the dried gunk off the stove, fishing out the food scraps that have taken on a new life form at the bottom of the kitchen sink and worst of all, trying to remove the dreaded soap stains from the shower screen (or “glass cancer” as one mum so aptly put it).

Thankfully, a few wise mums from the Mums Who Clean Facebook group have shared a genius cleaning hack that cuts through shower grime – and it doesn’t involve any elbow grease.

The secret is The Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser & Polish, or as the all-knowing mums call it, BKF. And the best thing is, it’s only $8.

Niki was one of the mums to share her success with the cleaning product on Facebook.

“I’ve tried everything to clean that shower glass, I’ve used everything under the sun! And who would have thought an eight buck can of powder would have done the trick,” Niki told Mamamia. 

And Niki says it’s really simple to use.

“At first I just sprinkled it on the glass and tried to clean it that way with a normal cloth. It comes up good but as soon as the glass dries it comes back with the white soap scum so I grab a scourer, made it into a paste and scrubbed the glass.

“I left it on for a good 10 min just like easy off bam. All up I think it was a good 35 minutes while my kids were asleep.”

clean shower
Niki using BKF on her shower. Image; supplied.

"A fellow mum on the group gave me the idea of using it. I thought it wouldn’t have worked but it did... I’ve done both my showers now," she said.

Yep, it's truly life-changing stuff.

Another mum, who has been using the cleaner for a while now, also commented on the miracle product.

But she uses a slightly different method.

"I put the powder straight onto a wet cloth and rub it directly onto the surface. I keep wiping until the surface has suds, and then wipe the excess off with paper towel. I then use a clean wet microfibre cloth to wipe it down... The marks come off the shower glass within 30 seconds."


Leah is another mum who clued onto the hack after trying countless other cleaning products.

"So mad at myself for not thinking of the BKF earlier," she commented on Facebook alongside a picture of her sparkling clean shower.

After using BKF. Image: supplied.

"Honestly it was SO easy to come off, I've really tried everything, my shower took me about 10 minutes all up once I picked up BKF," Leah told Mamamia. 

"It literally got rid of all my hard water stains, back to brand new!"

Leah even tried it out on her oven.

Clean oven
Before and after Leah used BKF on her oven. Image: supplied.

You can buy The Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser & Polish from Coles or Woolworths, but you better get in quick because some mums on the Facebook group have said it's already out of stock at their local store.

Do you know any clever cleaning hacks? Let us know in the comments below.