How to clean the three most disgusting beauty tools you use every day.

When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? How about your hairbrush? And dare I ask, your eyelash curler?

If the answer to one (or all above) is um, never then you’re definitely not alone. We’re not judging. But please, do it RIGHT NOW.


A modern day horror story. Image: Supplied

Just like anything, makeup tools can build up bacteria and become a breeding ground for germs and other nasty stuff.

This is concerning in itself, but add to the fact that we use most of these products on our face and even eyes? You've got the basic plot for a modern day horror story, with starring roles from acne, skin irritation as well as some pretty serious infections.

Listen: Ever heard of boob thrush? It’s the very good reason why you should wash your bra more often. Post continues.

Here's how to clean the three grossest products sitting on your vanity.


This is one night's brush worth of hair and will be an all too familiar sight to anyone with curly hair.


Ew. Image: Supplied

The easiest way to cleanly remove your hairball is to grab a pen and gently poke through the bristles to lift up the hair, working you're way round until it comes loose.

If it's really grubby, fill the sink or a bowl with warm water, add a drop or two of baby shampoo and gently give it a wash. Leave to dry.

Makeup brushes

These really need to be washed every few weeks at least. You can buy cleaning sprays such as the Artiste Brush Cleaner, $11.99 or wash with baby shampoo. Dip your brush into a warm soapy mixture, taking care not to get the handle wet or it will loosen the glue and make the hair fall out faster.

Gently swirl the brush on some kitchen roll or special cleaning pads to get the product out. Repeat until the brush comes out clean, then leave or hang to dry. (Post continues after gallery.)


Eyelash curler.

One of the most important products to keep clean, your eyelash curler can harbor some seriously nasty gunk. To clean, remove the soft bad and wipe clean with rubbing alcohol and kitchen roll. Repeat with the metal part.

If your eyeliner or mascara build up is being particularly stubborn, grab a lighter and hold it over for a few seconds. This will help melt the product, making it easier to wipe off.

Wipe clean with more kitchen roll before use.

How often do you clean your makeup items?

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