How to get your baby from crying to calm in three seconds flat.

Earlier this year there was a father who showed us how to get our baby to sleep in 45 seconds. (We wrote about it here). And now there’s a dad showing us how to calm our babies in just three seconds.

Surely that’s impossible.

The baby is calmed in 3 seconds. Image via ingersollturok YouTube.

Well, we thought the dad who got his baby to sleep with a feather in 45 seconds was some crazy, brilliant genius. Now we have found an equally crazy brilliant genius dad - who can work his magic in just three seconds.

The father has shown us in a video that a baby can go from crying to calm in 1, 2, 3...

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Video via Unknown

The genius dad uses a fart gun to calm his crying baby. He says it's the only thing that calms his baby down. A strange noise, but it seems to work (we wonder if a natural version would do the same job).

I guess we'll be going out to get yourself a fart noise making device for those days our babies are feeling a little grizzly.

What do you use to calm your baby down?

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