Nobody panic but we've been eating Toblerone wrong this entire time.

I’ve learnt a lot of things in my two and a bit decades on this planet.

I’ve learnt about how humans come into this life, I’ve learnt the world can be a very unkind place and, most importantly, I’ve learnt way too much about a ridiculous reality-TV family who I refuse to name.

Yet, sometimes you learn something that changes your world completely.

Like today. Today my life was altered in a way it can never be repaired. Today at work, someone broke out the Toblerone. Our 3pm blues had hit hard and fast and we needed a bit of a pick-me-up. And so the sugar Gods answered.

Joey is all of us. Image via Friends/Warner Bros.

While breaking off a piece of definitely-not-part-of-the-I-Quit-Sugar-diet, Toblerone, a co-worker asked to see how I broke it off. Confused, I hesitantly showed her the way, by placing my thumb on the top of the triangle and pulling it off, obviously.

That's how everyone does it, right? Nope, apparently breaking off a piece of Toblerone correctly was not part of my acquired skill set.

You see, you actually push the tip of the triangle INWARDS. No pulling involved.

By pushing it inwards, the force of the push reacts with the mass of the base so it breaks off easily. I jest, I jest. That is not true. But science terms (be kind to me, I was never a science person) makes everything sounds legit, right?

Maybe not. However, by pushing it inwards it does break off easier.

Or, you know, you can just do this:

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