We asked people who have sex with men: What do you wish they'd stop doing?

Sex. It's about as intimate of an act as they come.

But despite all the ~nakedness~ and bodily fluids, sometimes the most vulnerable part of it all is speaking up for what we actually want in bed. 

So, maybe like us, you've spent a one-night-stand or two copping a jackhammer with minimal foreplay, because it was just easier that way. (We in no way endorse this, but we see you and we've been there.)

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Well, today's the day to air your grievances. 

Because a twitter thread has gone viral where a man asked: "What are the sexual acts you think men should stop during sex?" and thanks for asking, because we have feelings. A lot of feelings. 

Here are some of the best responses from the thread, and our Mamamia community. 

"Getting naked as soon as they sit on your bed... It's been three minutes since you came through the door mate, relax a bit."

"I wish men would stop jack hammering. It isn't even remotely pleasurable."


"You're not a DJ honey... why are you rubbing that clit so quickly?"

"A lot of men think you want them to go down on you for hours. Yawn."

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"That thing where they moan louder than you (but it is obviously put on)... Do you want me to just be quiet then?"

"Stop asking me if I came."

"I wish men would stop rushing in sex just to get to penetration. Foreplay is key, people! It takes a bit of time to actually feel comfortable and intimate with someone. A hot make out session and touching before you start putting body parts in each other never goes amiss, and creates more of an atmosphere in the bedroom as well. It also allows time for you to actually get turned on and you know, lubricate down there."


"Stop pretending you got the wrong hole. You know which hole it goes in."

"Not everyone is a gymnast. I'm not flexible enough for some positions."

"Receiving foreplay from me and then skipping my foreplay and going straight to penetration because they're horny. Then it's all over in a few moments and I'm barely wet and haven't cum."

"Not speaking up! Ask as many questions as you can and be inquisitive. Remember, you don’t know everything and you can always learn something from every sexual encounter with a woman. The best sex is the sex where you both want to learn."


"I have lots to say. I wish men would stop thinking everyone wants to be f**ked like a porn star... Unless they want it. I wish that gay men (Tops) would stop thinking that there isn't a lot of prep needed to be done by the Bottom. That's because we make sure its done well in advance so it appears we are always ready to go. Not everyone wants to swallow — respect that please!"

"Lube is always necessary to have near you (even if you don’t use it)."

"Men who roll their eyes when you ask to use protection. Not only is it f**ked, it also instantly turns me off."

"Wash. Your. Goddamned. Hands. PLEASE. We don’t want you all up in our parts with tomato sauce on your fingers. Even if you think you’ve washed them, wash them again."

"When men try to 'guide' my head down to give them oral, it's a sure fire way to ensure I will not be giving them oral."

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"Nothing irritates me more when you hear stories (or even see via porn) of men pushing their female partner's head down when a blow job is taking place. I mean seriously, most of the time it's done without the female's 'keenness' so to me it kind of feels degrading. I'm sure the female is not exactly having the time of her life, don't make it worse! Let her control the sex act."

"Expecting sex when they’ve put zero effort into any kind of conversation or connection all week."

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