"After years of applying blush the same way, I'm trying a new technique. It's changed my face."

Blush (in my opinion) is the most transformative product in your makeup kit. 

It can make you look healthy and well-rested (even if you're only running on a few hours of sleep) and completely change the way your face looks (yep, seriously). 

I've been doing the same blush technique for years. You know, applying it to the apples of the cheeks while smiling. That was until various videos told me to do it differently.

How to do a smokey eye (without black!) to go with this new blush technique. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia.

Last year, Scottish YouTuber Jamie Genevieve uploaded an 18-minute video titled, "5 easy makeup techniques that will change your face". I watched the entire thing.

The biggest takeaway was how she applied her blush.

On one side of her face, she applied her blush in the same way I used to: onto the apples of her cheeks. On the other side, she applied it much higher on her face: on top of her bronzer, just above her cheekbones. 

"It's so flattering. We want that lift and sculpt in the face," she said.

The difference between each side is crazy. 

(Watch from 3:20 for reference.)

Every day since watching the video, I've applied my blush like that. 

I'll apply my bronzer on my cheekbones first, swiping up towards my temples, and then apply my blush just slightly higher (almost on top of my bronzer). Then I'll add a tiny bit of highlighter at the very top.

And let me tell you, Jamie was right. 


This technique has completely changed my face - it looks more sculpted and is way more flattering when I smile.

My face today with blush above my bronzer. Image: Supplied. 

See! Lifts my entire face. Image: Supplied. 


A few months into trying the technique, I spotted a video explaining the other various ways to apply blush (yep, I got deep into learning about blush). 

In the now-viral TikTok video, Megan Lavallie shows five ways to apply it and how each technique achieves a different look.


Blush is a game changer! ##makeuphacks ##makeuptutorial ##makeuptransformation

♬ Dernière danse - Indila

I know, wild.

While most days I'll apply it above my cheekbones for a lifted look, this video has become a regular reference for different makeup looks.

During summer, I'll apply it across my nose for a sunkissed look (without the sun damage) and if I want a really sculpted look for a night out, I'll bring it slightly lower onto my cheekbone. 

Do me a favour, try the lifted technique tomorrow and report back. I promise it's game-changing.

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Feature image: Supplied.

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