How to "air dry" your hair so it looks styled. (Goodbye, frizz.)

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I confess, I gave up drying my hair properly a long time ago. Unless I have an event to go to, I’m much more of a fan of the beachy, messy look than the smooth, straight blow dry. Plus, I kept reading about all the damage heat styling was doing to my hair, so I figured it could do with a rest.

Luckily for lazy women like me, “air-dried” hair is having a moment.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “but if I leave my hair to dry naturally, I’ll be a messy frizz ball”, but it’s just not true. There is a way to ditch the dryer and have swoon-worthy hair.

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Step one: Work on your post-shower game.

Leave in conditioner is a must. You can get more texture to the hair by scrunching and twisting the hair while wet. Image: Supplied

To prevent falling victim to dreaded post-wash fuzz, change the way you treat your hair after rinsing off your hair and exiting the shower.

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Don't wrap a towel around your head and shake your hair vigorously. This technique is now banned due to it roughing up the hair cuticles, leaving you in frizz city. Instead, you want to use a gentle blotting motion to remove excess moisture from the hair.

Step two: Get acquainted with some products that are air-drying's best friends.

To make the style well, stylish, you also need to make sure you use the right artillery on your locks. Choose a leave-in conditioner that's designed to soften and smooth the hair and be sure to apply it to the mid-lengths and ends only.

Adding product to the roots of the hair is unnecessary and can result in limp, lifeless hair.

Step 3: Focus on volume. Lots of it.

For added volume, I used sea salt spray at the roots and rubbed it in with my fingers/ Image: Supplied

If you want added volume, use a sea salt spray to give it some oomph.

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You can also create a subtle wave to your hair by twisting small sections around your finger. If you have any natural movement to your hair, this will amp it up.

Resist the urge to use a brush and allow the natural movement of your hair to come through. Image: Supplied

To style your hair when wet, minimise using your brush and simply use your fingers to work through the knots and tangles.

Brushing wet hair will lead to breakage and damage and will disturb the natural movement in your hair.

It took forever for my hair to dry, and I was paranoid that minute by minute the frizz was going to take over but to my surprise, I actually really liked the air-dried affect.

Typically I prefer a lot more volume and body to my hair but I found that applying some extra dry shampoo to the roots provided a little more boost throughout the day.

Voila! Jacqui's air-dried hair.

While it's not an enormous change to my overall look, It's given me faith that I don't always have to depend on my hairdryer to achieve great hair.

So, are you game to give air-dried hair a go?