We now know exactly why Davina was cast on Married At First Sight.

You might want to sit down for this one.

We have some… unsettling news.

It turns out the Married At First Sight contestants are not purely chosen for their ability to match with another contestant.

Oh no, they’re often chosen because they “look good” and will be “great talent” on the fake-marrying reality TV show.

Yep, we’re shook too.

Clare and Jessie Stephens discuss Davina’s exit from the show. Post continues. 

They bamboozled us, made us believe in marriage at, um, first sight, and then they dropped this fake-marrying bombshell on us.

You see, Channel Nine’s Head of Content, Adrian Swift, told Colin Vickery at the Daily Telegraphthe network has the final say on who is chosen for the show.

In fact, it’s the network executives who go on the casting tour — not the relationship experts.

“I’m not going to be disingenuous and say we pick them purely on whether they’re going to be a great match,” he told the publication.

“I’m never going to sit and go, ‘It is just the best matches we can find’. Often times we’ll say — particularly when we pick the first person before we match them — ‘They will be interesting television’.”

Swift also said they picked Davina Rankin because she “looked good and was great talent” and had a huge social media following.

Dean Wells, however, was not their first choice. The 39-year-old was only chosen in the third round of casting because he was a good match for his fake-wife, Tracey Jewel… and probably maybe a lil’ bit because of his rapping skills.

Swift also denied that Dean and Davina were paid to have an affair to spice things up in fake-married TV land. Instead their first and third choice just took matters into their own hands and started canoodlin’ and the network “couldn’t stop it”.

And while Davina and Ryan have since left the show, Dean and Tracey are still generating plenty of fake-marrying controversy goodness.

Earlier this week fans of the show got a lil’ bit peeved with Dean when he asked “Doesn’t anyone want to bang Tracey?” at the BOIZ night.

Patrick didn’t like it, he told his fake-wife Charlene about it, she brought it up at the dinner party and became our new feminist hero, and then Dean said he was a feminist too pls and the whole world was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


But then he got all Dean-y on Instagram and said things weren’t exactly as they seemed.

“Ah, boys night. Fun was had by all except [Patrick], who said he would like to swap for [Davina] but for some reason they didn’t show that?!?” Dean wrote, in a caption that has since been edited to removed the allegations.

He also said he was forced to ask THE LADS a series of uncomfortable questions… like who would want to bang his wife etc etc.

“They did show me asking the question about other wives’ mums which the producers forced me to say cos the night was too boring (sic),” he continued.

“Oh well. Hopefully most people don’t take it too seriously. No disrespect was ever meant to any wives or women in general. My apologies if I offended anyone.”


It’s not the first time a contestant has slammed the show’s editing for misleading fans. Last week, Sarah Roza claimed the “real reason” behind her and Telv’s fight was cut from the show.

“You all think I was just being overly sensitive because I had my period?! NO. Definitely not the case…” she wrote on Instagram.

“I’m a strong, resilient woman and it takes a LOT to make me upset like that but of course it doesn’t make sense to you all.

“The real reason for the fight (which definitely wasn’t the first one we had) was completely edited out…”

Despite her truth-telling post, Sarah still didn’t reveal what had really gone down between her and her TV husband.

But surely, surely the producers on a reality TV show aren’t misleading us? SURELY.

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