They made one change to their daily routine and it saved this couple's relationship.

There’s nothing hotter than a partner who starts washing the dishes without being asked and gives the floors a quick vacuum. It’s the best kind of foreplay and better than any aphrodisiac.

Which is why I continue to be stunned that more men don’t do more of the housework, even if they are tired, even if they work longer hours, even if they don’t know how to turn the vacuum cleaner on and even if they can’t cook very well. It’s 2016 guys.

Time to STEP IT UP. Enough with the gender stereotypes when it comes to housework. Women don’t need to be in the kitchen and men in the backyard.

"There's nothing hotter than a partner who starts washing the dishes without being asked and gives the floors a quick vacuum. It's the best kind of foreplay and better than any aphrodesiac." Image: iStock

Drastic action is obviously required to turn the tide when it comes to domestic duties for women are still mostly responsible. That's why Redbook magazine in conjunction with ABC News decided to challenge couples to a Chores Swap, in an effort to save marriages and improve sex lives.

Couple Heather Whittenburg and Travis Linquis decided to give the challenge a go and the results were presented on Goodmorning America. The couple have three kids aged 6, 4 and 2 and confessed that majority of their chores are divided up using gender stereotypes.

As a result of the swap Heather had to get her eldest daughter ready for school and tackle the yard work. Travis found himself preparing breakfast for their younger kids, mopping and doing lots of laundry.


“It’s interesting to kind of get out of your comfort zone a little bit and go and do something completely different,” Linquist said after the chore swap," Heather told ABC News. “You really do see what they go through in order to get it done, even though it may look easy."

Watch Heather and Travis take on the Chore Swap Challenge of Goodmorning America on ABC News. Article continues after this video.

Video by ABC News

In my home a Chore Swap Challenge would see me taking the rubbish out each day and putting the bins out once a week.

My husband would have to cook, clean, get the kids ready for school, do laundry, sweep each night, grocery shop, make the beds, take the dog to the vet, take the kids to the doctor, weed the front garden, clean up the dog poop, do lots of ironing, pay all the bills, feed the budgies and the fish...

I could go on but what's the point?

Someday I'll issue him with this exact challenge and see how it goes. It's important to me for our children to see a more equal division of household duties so they don't find themselves mimicking our behaviour when they get older.

I am teaching my son's to cook but if they don't see their dad cooking then it may not become something they want to do. It's the same-sex parent that is the single biggest influence on a child's life.

Or maybe if my husband sees the kids cooking, he'll want to get involved to.

How do you divide the household chores up in your home?