Influencers are endorsing pills that claim to change the taste of your vagina and... no.


A gaggle of Influencers are spruiking a ‘magic pill’ that claims to make your vaginal secretions taste sweeter.

Let’s just let that sentence really sink in, shall we?

A bottle of these magic pills aptly named My Sweet V will set you back $43 AUD.

But it’s worth it, because apparently it’s “revolutionising sex lives all over the world!” according to the website.

It appears this company (which is American based) has cashed in on one of the number one concerns every teenage girl has about sex:  What if my vagina tastes or smells gross?

Here’s how to talk to little girls. Post continues after video.

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While these pills claim to “take your sex life to the next level,” what they’re actually doing is feeding into a well known and perpetual female fear that vaginas don’t smell or taste good.


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Dr Preeya Alexander thinks it’s completely unnecessary pressure.

“We are constantly being fed ideas on how we should look for instance and this just adds an extra pressure on women,” she told Mamamia.

“With all the pressures that already exist on women, particularly younger women with access to social media, I don’t think this is overly helpful,” she added.

The contents of the pills reads like the ingredients to a hipster smoothie: pineapple extract, Acai Berry Extract, Cinnamon, Papaya Extract, Wheatgrass, Banana Extract, Magic Berry, Blueberry Extract, Vitamin C, Maca Root, TTongkat Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin.

They’re also ‘100 per cent natural’ which is #important in the world of social media.

But on closer inspection, these wonder pills haven’t been given the thumbs up from any professional body.

My Sweet V

"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration," states the website under claims that the pill also helps sexual performance and libido.

My Sweet V has hopes and dreams of one day being recognised as a 'sex educator,' which we obviously have concerns about.

In trying to create a product that makes women feel confident and sexy, they've actually created a product that makes them feel like they've got secretions that need to be sweetened.

"We all have different amounts of discharge and odour and what is normal for each one of us is slightly different," Dr Alexander told Mamamia.

"Every vagina is different and that's okay," she said.

If you're healthy, wear breathable underwear, and don't have an infection - there's absolutely nothing to worry about.