According to reports, Margot Robbie has been lying about her age and is actually 31.

Okay, how about we all just take a few deep breaths?

In and out. There’s no need to fret anymore about Margot Robbie reportedly lying to all of us, if you were worrying.

From the very beginning let’s establish: Margot Robbie is not lying about her age.

Perhaps you’re wondering, why did we even think she was lying in the first place?

Well, it all started with an article published on Jezebel, “No Offense to Anyone But Margot Robbie Is Not 25“.

The writer, Bobby Finger, alleged there were a number of discrepancies throughout the years about the actress’ age.

In a 2008 article in the Sydney Morning Herald, they wrote: “The 23-year-old actress [Robbie] from the Gold Coast opted to attend a Sex and The City: The Movie screening instead of staying home to watch the episode [her first appearance in Neighbours].”

Check out Margot Robbie through the years. It’s very sweet. (Post continues after gallery.)



So, if we do the maths based on the article, then Robbie should be turning 31 this year.


Well, there’s a winner of a story we have. Another Hollywood actress being forced to lie about her age just to meet the unattainable standards of beauty and youth.

As the writer pointed out:

“I’m not angered by this lie. It’s a symptom of our youth-obsessed culture. And we’re all familiar with how hard it is for women in Hollywood to get acting working as they age out of their twenties.”

Except, Robbie actually never lied about her age.

What’s it like to be an attractive women? (Post continues after video.)


The Sydney Morning Herald just misprinted how old she was.

After The Huffington Post did some detective-work, they identified her correct age was printed in other local Australian publications.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reported Robbie as a 16-year-old high school student in 2007. So, if we go back to our basic maths skills, then her birth date of July 2, 1990 would be confirmed.

If you thought this was enough, then there’s even more evidence. A July 27, 2008 Herald Sun article documented how Robbie was going to spend her upcoming 18th birthday.

“NEW Neighbours stunner Margot Robbie is making sure her 18th birthday this Wednesday is one to remember.”

There’s also this pretty marvellous Instagram post from a year ago celebrating her 24th birthday.

Birthday on set – 24 today :)

A photo posted by @margotrobbie on Jul 2, 2014 at 8:24am PDT

Once again, our mathematics tells us she’s 25!

As The Huffington Post so accurately writes, “Of course, Robbie’s age doesn’t really matter. But, she’s definitely 25.”

Another world problem solved and scratched of my to-do list.

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