'Attending my friend's wedding is going to cost me $10,000.'

We all know the costs of attending a wedding can quickly add up – the travel, accommodation, outfit, not to mention the gift.

But there’s a limit to how much guests can be expected to fork out before they start weighing up whether to attend at all.

One UK woman found this limit when she realised it would cost her as much to attend her friend’s wedding as some couples’ weddings cost to put on.

After factoring in all of her expenses, she realised it was going to cost $9400 to attend the big day.

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Sharing her incredulity with fellow mums of parenting website Mumsnet, the woman explained the expenses included a trip overseas to the US.

“We have been ‘invited’ to a wedding WEEK in the USA, prices starting from £3k (AUD$5100).”

The woman shared there were not one but five events organised for the celebration – “each with their own dress code”. She said she was also given a link a wishlist/registry on Amazon, where the cheapest item was more than $500 (£300).

Making the cost even harder to stomach was the news children were “welcome on the holiday but not at the ceremony”, meaning parents would have to find someone to look after their kids on the big day. Not an easy task considering it’s overseas and probably a bit far for your regular babysitter.

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"Cheers to spending a fortune to be here!" ( Image via Touchstone Pictures. )

Guests were not just expected to pay for their own accommodation either.

"We're to chip into the bride's accommodation the night before the big day to show her our love?!" she added.

"Total costing is £5,500 (AUD$9400) for a WEEK."

Commenters agreed the woman "won" the prize for the most outrageous wedding request and suggested the bride and groom would be receiving quite a few RSVPs marked "No".

"In seriousness, unless it's your sister or something and it's going to end up being a week's holiday with immediate family, being invited to spend that on a destination not of your choice is unlikely to result in many positive RSVPs," wrote one user.

It should also be said that although destination weddings are known to be universally hated, people still seem to keep organising them, so either the message isn't getting through or too many people are begrudgingly saying yes.

Have you attended a destination wedding? Was it expensive?

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