From $0 to $650: 20 women share how much they spend on beauty services per month.

As we're all aware, beauty products are costly. 

Serums are considered investments, and perfume is too expensive — so when we need to overhaul our skincare or makeup, we know it's going to be costly.

But something we tend to forget about is how much we spend on our regular beauty services. Nail appointments, waxes, you know.

In September 2023, Finder released some findings that showed Australians spend $1.6 billion a month on their physical appearance.

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Yep, despite the cost-of-living crisis, the average person spends $431 a month on beauty services, with the most common one being nail appointments, followed by anti-wrinkle injections and eyelash extensions.

We spoke to 20 very different women about how much they spend on beauty services. And goodness, the prices vary.

Here's what they had to say.

Brooke, 37, Melbourne. 

"I'm low maintenance, I think. I get my lip, arms and brows waxed, as well as brow henna ($90.) Then, hair cut and colour once every two months ($50)."

Monthly total: $140.

Aprelle, 33, Sydney.

"I don't spend anything anymore! I do my own brow tint, hair removal and nails. I do my own facial treatments so my money is spent on products. My last haircut and colour was in February and I'm considering going to a cheap place for a trim."


Monthly total: $0.

Kirby, 36, Newcastle.

"I get my hair done every six weeks ($300). I get waxing every four weeks ($60). I get my brow touched up once a year ($400) and I get my nails done occasionally ($200 a year). Lastly, I get injectables ($500 every six months and $1,500 once a year). So the total is $6,020 a year or call it $500 a month. And I think I’m low maintenance!"

Monthly total: $500.

Courtney, 27, Perth.

"I spend $50 a month on brows and that's about it! I get two haircuts a year at about $70 each. Makeup and skincare products is another story."

Monthly total: $50.

Melissa, almost 40, Victoria/New South Wales border.

"I'm low maintenance. I get my hair done every two months ($150) and waxing ($60), so around $105 a month."

Monthly total: $105.

Amanda, 32, Perth.

"I get brows and lip waxing ($30), hair every six weeks ($150) and SNS nails every two to three weeks ($40)."

Monthly total: $220 approx.

Theresa, 55, Brisbane. 

"My monthly beauty spending would be $30 on hair, $50 on my manicure and pedicure, and $90 on full waxing, tinting and needling."

Monthly total: $170.

Lucy, 29, Queensland.

"I don't get any treatments done so I spend $0 per month. I cut my own hair and do everything else myself because I'm cheap and can't afford it."

Monthly total: $0.

Maria, 53, Gold Coast.

"I get lash infills every two weeks ($80) and brows done monthly ($10). I get hair colour – balayage and foils four times a year ($250 to $300). I get a shellac pedicure every eight weeks ($50). Currently, I'm getting laser for pigmentation every six weeks ($180). I get Botox every three months (approx $350) and lip filler every nine months ($500). I keep my skincare super simple and don’t wear much makeup as I prefer to make sure my skin looks great!"


Monthly total: $650 approx.

Natarscha, 46, Melbourne.

"Every month I get my waxing done ($110), hair ($150) and my pedicure ($40)."

Monthly total: $300.

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Asten, 37, Perth.

"I get an eyebrow tint and tidy every two months, which averages out to $25 a month."

Monthly total: $25.

Zoe, 30, Melbourne.

"Just calculated mine out of curiosity, and pre-COVID I was spending on average about $400 per month. I got fortnightly lash refills, monthly pedicures and brows, hair and Botox every three months and laser a couple of times per year. Do you think I've saved that money during COVID though? Nope, just bought more products and skincare."

Monthly total (during COVID): $0.

Kimberley, 29, regional Western Australia.

"I travel to Perth for all of the following so I guess that cost should be factored in too. I get my brows done religiously every four weeks ($90), lash tint every two months ($25), lash lift every four months ($115), injectables every four months ($350ish), hair cut, treatment and colour three times a year ($300ish) and I sometimes get a spray tan in summer ($40)."

Monthly total: $300 approx. 

Georgia, 24, Sydney.

"I get my nails done every three weeks ($25), lash lift every three months ($50-$70), laser maintenance twice a year ($70) and hair twice a year ($250)."


Monthly total: $75 approx. 

Emma, Orange.

"I get microdermabrasion ($100), a facial and eyebrow tint ($120), nails every fortnight ($40), a pedicure every two months ($60), hair trim every three weeks ($25) and foils every two to three months ($130)."

Monthly total: $350 approx. 

Rachael, 41, Sydney.

"I get my eyebrow wax and tint every four weeks ($25), I get a facial every three months ($120) and my hair cut and coloured by my home hairdresser every six weeks ($90)."

Monthly total: $150 approx.

Sophie, 35, Brisbane.

"I spend on average about $250 month and that’s across hair (toner or foils and cut), waxing, eyebrows and nails (SNS and pedicure)."

Monthly total: $250 approx.

Abby, 38, Melbourne.

"I get my hair cut twice a year so it would work out to $5 a month."

Monthly total: $5.

Jodie, 44, Melbourne.

"I spend $2,500 a year on injectables and Botox, $400 a year on eyebrow feathering touch ups, I get monthly pedicures ($80) and my hair averages at $175 a month (I get my roots touched up every seven weeks and two major colours a year). I also spend $700 a year on laser/IPL for hair removal and pigmentation reduction. Other facial treatments I get done average to $50 a month. Lastly, I get a lash lift every six to eight weeks ($60)."

Monthly total: $650.

Jane, Northern Queensland.

"My hair costs $120 every six to eight weeks. That’s it."

Monthly total: $60.

How much do you spend on monthly beauty services? Let us know in the comments!

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