How much celebrities are paid to be on your favourite TV shows.

This week we learned American pop icon Katy Perry is being offered US$25 million to be on a single season of American Idol. Yep, being a celebrity pays, amiright?

It made us wonder… How much are other celebrities paid to be on our television screens? We don’t think twice when the names of international pop stars – people who’ve filled entire arenas during concerts, who have millions of fans, who make headlines when they grace red carpets – grace our television screens. But, obviously, there’s more to it. And that ‘more’ sounds a lot like dollar signs.

Here’s what we found out.

At the start of last year, Delta Goodrem threatened to walk off the set of The Voice due to reported bullying from her co-judges Jessie J, Joel Madden and Benji Madden.

Negotiations followed this, in which Goodrem pushed back against her fellow mentors, as well as asked for a pay rise. It’s reported her pay package increased from $800,000 to $2 million per season in the one go.

Yep, Delta pockets HUGE money while perched on that spinning chair.

The problem with Molly Meldrum at the Logies. Post continues below.

Delta’s $2 million is significantly less than Kylie Minogue’s reported earnings for her stint on the same show in 2014.

It was reported the Locomotion singer was paid $7 million for her judging role on The Voice Australia. A figure that caused controversy considering her sister Dannii Minogue was paid $5 million less – $2 million in total – to judge rival show The X Factor Australia.

Also on the X Factor panel, Redfoo was paid $2 million and Natalie Bassingthwaighte $1.25 million.

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Katy Perry. Image via Getty.

Though very few of us would be turning down offers of $2 million for a few months work, the salaries of celebrities on TV in Australia are significantly overshadowed by their counterparts in the US.

There is Katy Perry and her $US25 million.

There was Mariah Carey who was offered $18 million for her presence on the American Idol judging panel in 2013 - an experience she's since described as "the worst of her life".

Miley Cyrus was reportedly offered $US13 million for her season on the same show.

Finally, there is Simon Cowell who, it's reported, makes close to $US100 million for his role on The X Factor. (It helps that he owns the show).