17 women told us exactly how much they spend on injectables.

You know what's nosy? Finding out what other people's beauty routines look like. We love it. Froth over it. Always wanna know all of the things.

And while we love taking a peek into other people's beauty cabinets and makeup bags (just check out You Beauty podcast if you don't believe us!), asking people how much they spend on cosmetic surgery is a whole other level of nosy that we're VERY into.

Specifically, how much women are spending on anti-wrinkle injections.

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And judging by the You Beauty Facebook group, we're not the only ones obsessed with how much people spend on injectables (these are our kind of people).

In a recent post, a Youbie asked the group: "Can we talk anti-wrinkle injection prices? What did you get, where and how much did it cost? I'm too embarrassed to get a quote only to realise it’s too expensive."

And look, before we get into it, it's worth pointing out that you should never be embarrassed to ask questions and do your research. The best way to figure out what's right for you or what kind of price point you're looking at is to have a thorough consultation before having an appointment. Without one, you could be facing all of the problems — and more. 


So, never feel weird about asking questions — after all, this is your FACE we're talking about. You don't want to mess around with that kinda stuff. Do your research and make sure you see an experienced practitioner you can trust. 


"Mine is around $300 in regional VIC for the '11' lines between my brows, brow lift and forehead. I usually get it re-done every four months or so. It's done absolute wonders for my confidence and corrects my naturally lopsided eyebrows."


"I get three areas done with anti-wrinkle injections for $390 (max of 120 units, I believe). There are a number of different anti-wrinkle solutions and they will have different pros and cons and prices..."


"One anti-wrinkle injection brand is around $9 at my clinic and another is about $3.50 (per unit). I usually get about 50 units spread across my forehead, crow's feet, gummy, bunnies and frown."


"I pay $600 for three areas. Mine lasts about eight months."


"It obviously depends on where you go but mine is around $520 for crow's [feet], forehead and frown [lines]."


"For frown [lines' on my forehead and crow's feet, it's usually about $450 to $520 on average."


"I pay $600 for my forehead, crow's feet, 11s and gummy smile."


"I pay $450(ish) for 11s, smile lines, slightly lower smile lines, brow lift and full forehead."



"I pay around $550 to $700 for three areas."


"To get my crow's feet, forehead, brow lift and lip flip done it was $600. It doesn't last very long either."


"I paid $400(ish) for my forehead, in between the brows, either side of my smile and crow's feet, too. I normally split it into two appointments though, so I'd get the forehead areas done on one fortnight and the other two the next fortnight."


"My forehead and frown cost me $390 per appointment."


"One visit last year I made a note of what I got when I was in the clinic. Forty units of anti-wrinkle injections across my frown, bunnies and a small amount in my crow's feet costs me $336."


"I get anti-wrinkle injections every five months. For my forehead, 11s, crow's feet, it's about $320 to $350."


"I get my crow's feet and forehead done (no actual lines just to relax one brow I tend to raise) and get 70 units all up. It costs me about $280. I'm 44 years old and on a budget!"


"My anti-wrinkle injections were $280 for the forehead (which included 11s, brow lift and frown lines)."


"Mine usually costs around $500 all up — and I get my forehead, frown lines, and an eyebrow lift."

How much do you pay for your cosmetic work on average? More or less? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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