BYO squad: The birth trend that's crowding the delivery suite.

How many people do you need to see you give birth?

A new childbirth trend has arrived, and it’s rather shudder-inducing.

This time, the movement doesn’t involve hipster baby names, oversharing on social media or even eating the placenta (although yes, those are all trends that you should TOTALLY get into).

The newest concept is called “crowdbirthing,” and it involves having a whole bunch of people (a “crowd,” if you will) in the room when you delivery the baby.

According to the survey, an average of eight people were present for the births of the 2000-odd women aged 16-29 years old they surveyed.

According to a survey by UK-based video blogging website Channel Mum, women in their teens and twenties are big fans of the trend.

They’re increasingly inviting their friends into the maternity suite, and we’re not just talking about your partner, medical staff and mum, either. According to the survey, an average of eight people were present for the births of the 2000-odd women aged 16-29 years old they surveyed.

Yeah, we know. EIGHT PEOPLE. And that doesn’t include the medical staff.

So: Your partner, maybe your mum and then… hang on, who are those other six?

According to the research, mother’s partners and maternal grandmothers are now the most popular other witnesses to the birth, followed by mothers-in-law. That’s not to say men aren’t ever welcome in the room, though: One in 25 young women had their own dad present at the labour, apparently.

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Oh, and some mothers took as many as fifteen people into the delivery suite, not including hospital employees. Eep.

You and me and baby makes three… Oh, wait. Who are those other five guys over there?

Channel Mum founder Siobhan Freegard the trend fit in well with Millenials’ fondness for sharing their intimate moments.

“The younger generation share are used to sharing every aspect of their lives, so why not birth?,” Ms Freegard said.

“The crowd-birthing phenomenon may not suit everyone but being part of the birth is an honour and privilege which unites friends and family like nothing else.”


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Ah, millennials.

So much to share.

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