Why two boys and a girl is the perfect family combination.

This writer thinks she nailed it when it comes to the perfect kid combination.

My little girl started pre-school today. She is my last child to go off and it means I only have her elder brother at home with me today.

The funny thing about the milestone is that I am not sad. She was thrilled to be a big girl.

No, it’s not me that took it badly. It is her two big brothers.

Her nearly-five year old brother and soon-to-be-seven year old brother were devastated, concerned, and a little bit frightened for her. It was heartbreaking and thrilling all at the same time to see their love, their devotion and their utter utter sense of responsibility for their three-year old sister.

My elder boy took me aside and asked me if I really didn’t think Emme was just too young for kindy, as he was a little worried about her. Emme, overhearing puffed up her chest and put her hand on her older brothers arm. She said, “don’t worry I won’t cry. I am big now.”

It made me truly believe that my combination of kids – two boys and a girl is the ultimate. Yes, this is the best you can get.

I will tell you why.

My kids are all about 20-ish months apart. Two older brothers and a little tom-boy-come-Princess who worships them.

When she wakes up in the morning the first thing she says is “Where is Odie?” her next question, “ Where’s Jasper?”

When we go to pick them up from pre-school and school she runs across the playground and embraces them as though she is in a scene from Casablanca.

I’ve thought about this long and hard.

My two boys play together like best friends, and fight like feral dogs. They have similar interests and similar friends and can play imaginary zoos for hours.

The perfect counterbalance to them is their little sister. She fits into most games as a sidekick and yet manages to melt their masculine hearts.

She teaches them about girl stuff, and hopefully will continue to do so into their teenage years.


She is also a great way for them to express their love, which at five and seven they are already having trouble saying to each other without being embarrassed. But not to their baby sister.

They make her cards, they cuddle her, they run to her when she falls. She gives them someone to baby and nurture and teaches them empathy.

The closest in age to her plays happily along with her dolls and her dress ups but it’s when the three are together that I really think this combination of kids nails it.

I’ve thought about how two girls would be - too bitchy.

And I’ve kinda done two boys for a while - too competitive.

And I admire the parents of only-children I just think it must be - too hard. (Gosh imagine all that work you have to do entertaining them. I am in awe of you with an only child.)

And yes I’ve seen my Irish Aunty who has 17 kids (yep, you read that right) and thought simply - too much!

Three is a tricky number as there are always concerns someone will be left out. But not with two boys and a girl. There is always inclusion just through the subtle differences between them.

They are (so far) always happy to have their little sister tagging along, whether to carry their toys, or play the zookeeper. She is the brightness that fills in their shadows.

If you have a different combination of kids right now you are thinking me a little smug huh? But I will let you in on a secret – my daughter was what they call a “happy accident”. Had I written this three years and ten months ago it would be a post about how two boys is the perfect combination!

We are all pretty happy with what we have aren’t we? It is the blindness of motherhood. Our children, to us, are simply perfect.

But I think I aced it. I think two boys and a girl makes for the perfect sibling combination.

What does your perfect family look like?

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