How many jobs are you doing?

Welcome to a sponsored post from Million Dollar Woman. Lana writes:

So, my life as a mother? Pretty much the same routine every day.  It’s predictable really :

6:00am – Wake up and walk the dog

7:00am – Wake the child. Or rather try and coax him from under the blankets where he is hiding with a torch and a comic

7:05am – Run the vacuum around the bedrooms in a cursory attempt at freshening and cleaning (cleaner)

7:15am – Make bed and tidy bedroom

7:30am – Cook breakfast and prepare school lunch because although you had vowed to do school lunch the night before – it got late and you may or may not have fallen asleep in front of the computer (cook)

7:35am – Ask son to get dressed for school

Mother or teacher or both ?

7:36am – Suggest to husband that he may consider getting out of bed

7:37 am – Beg child to get dressed for school

7:38 am – Listen to son’s detailed description of how he got a cut from eating cereal.  Pretend not to notice that he was playing with scissors and has cut not only his finger but the cushions on the couch

7:39am – Clean wound and apply plaster (doctor)

7:40am – Clean kitchen and load washing machine(cleaner)

7:50am – Thrust clothes at son

7:51am – Get dressed, put on make-up, straighten hair and gulp a cup of tea

7:52am – Stare at husband as he relaxes in a hot shower

7:55am – Grab bags and drop son at school

8:10am – Drop son at school.  Kiss him and promise him you will be on time to pick him up in the afternoon

8:15am – Go to work

3:00pm – Pick up soccer kit and snack for son

3:30pm – Collect son from school and drop him at soccer practice (driver)

Mother or doctor or both?

3:45pm – Rush off to do the shopping while son is playing soccer.  Pray that somebody cheers for him if he scores at training

4:30pm – Pick up son and go home

4:30pm –  Try and arrange a sitter for Saturday night, a play date for Thursday afternoon and a dentist appointment for whenever they can fit you in (done while you are unpacking the groceries) (personal assistant)


5:00pm – Do homework (teacher)

5:10pm – Deep breaths

5:15pm – Remember the washing in the machine and hang it on the line

5:45pm – Prepare dinner for son (chef)

6:00pm – Serve dinner to son (waitress)

6:15pm – Serve dinner to dog

7:00pm – Run the bath

7:15pm – Greet husband on the way to ensure son uses soap in the bath

7:30pm – Eat dinner

8:00pm – Get child to bed

8:30pm – Clean the bathroom and the kitchen (cleaner)

9:00pm – Iron

9:30pm – Think about looking at the accounts.  Decide against it

9:31pm – Check emails.

10:00pm – Find myself asleep at computer

Being a mother is a million professions in one – from head chef to nutritionist, child care worker to doctor to chauffeur to teacher.

Are you a mother? Do you work? Do you have many occupations? Have you ever stopped to count the amount of jobs that “just mothering” covers?

Did you know that 1 in 3 Australian women have suffered a short term injury in the past 6 months that stopped them from doing everyday household tasks

That is why Million Dollar Woman have just launched Living Insurance with Day-to-Day Cover.

It’s a new type of insurance cover for mums that pays you if you’re temporarily out of action and can’t do at least two of your daily household tasks. Whether it’s popping up to the shops, scrubbing crayon off the wall, putting a load of washing on, looking after the kids or whipping up a storm in the kitchen.

With cover from $1.50* a day, it’s a cost effective way to keep the household running if you’re ever out of action. Sound interesting? You can get a quick quote at

How would you get things done if you were temporarily sick or injured? Who steps in to keep the household running when you’re out of action?

1 Research conducted by Newspoll in March 2011;
*Based on a 35 year old female non smoker receiving a $500 weekly payment. Consider whether this information is right for you by referring to the ProductDisclosure Statement available by calling 133 515 or at Million Dollar Woman Living Insurance is issued by Suncorp Life & Superannuation Limited ABN 87 073 979 530 AFSL 229880.

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