The number of calories in your favourite alcoholic drinks.

It’s the weekend, Dry July is over, and we all know what that means: wine time.


Many of us like to unwind with an alcoholic drink in hand — be it a glass of chardonnay, a classic G&T or some liquid gold.

But look, we’re no stranger to the fact that booze gets a big, fat ‘F’ for its nutritional value. It’s also hiding more calories than we like to realise, but some drinks more than others.

There are seven calories in every gram of alcohol, compared to four in a gram of carbohydrate or protein. And then you have the bevvies like cider and mixed spirits that can pile on sugar.

So, it’s worth keeping in mind how many calories each tipple adds to your day’s intake. And remember, moderation, people.

Red wine

If red is your drop of choice, an average 160mL glass yields 109 calories (456kJ).

White wine

While a 160mL glass of dry white has about the same as red, with 109 calories (456kJ), a sweet drop contains 160 calories (669kJ) in the same volume, and about 16g of sugar.

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Mulled wine

A warming, wintry 150mL cup of glühwein contains 229 calories (960kJ) -- and about 26g of sugar.


A medium (160mL) glass of rose contains about 116 calories (469kJ)


You'll knock back 104 calories (434kJ) with a 160mL glass of bubbly.

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On average, a bottle of full strength beer has about 135 calories (570kJ). If you are a Corona fan, one stubby has 149 calories (628kJ), while a bottle of Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb rounds in at 92 calories (387kJ) and about 12g less carbs than the Corona.


The type of cider you opt for yields very different results. On average, you down 183 calories (762kJ) and 24g of sugar with a bottle of sweet cider, compared to 131 calories (555kJ) and 11g of sugar with a dry variety. In a bottle of Strongbow's Classic flavour, you get 185 calories (767kJ). A stubby of Little Creatures' Pipsqueak Cider has 135 calories (571kJ).

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Vodka, lime and soda

There's a reason this drink is nicknamed the 'Skinny Bitch'. A 30mL shot of vodka with soda water and a squeeze of lime only comes to 68 calories (282 kJ).

Gin and tonic

Things aren't quite as they seem with the trusty G&T. Tonic water is more of a sugary soft drink than it is water. Knocking back a pre-mixed bottle of Gordon's gin and tonic delivers 161 calories (673kJ).

Rum and coke

Like with the gin and tonic, the calories depend largely on how much mixer you pour in. If you were to drink a can of Bundaberg pre-mixed rum and cola, you'd have 248 calories (1038kJ)

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