The insane length of time it took to film the first episode of The Bachelor.

It seems like the night that is over before it’s even begun. A night where our Bachelor Richie and the women fighting for his attention face a desperate situation in an attempt to build a connection.


Not at all.

Former Bachelorette Sam Frost has crushed our love-at-first episode dreams to reveal the premiere shows can take up to four days to film.

Four days.

Four days of numerous crew breaks, piece-to-cameras, meetings and “getting ready shots”.

Source: Screenshot/Network 10.

Frost shared the tidbit on her 2DayFM breakfast radio show.

"We'll usually film it over two nights. But for me actually, I got ready for the arrivals on one night and then you do your getting ready shots, put your lip gloss on, and then they did meeting Osher in one night," she said.


Frost went on to reveal the almost excruciatingly drawn-out process of those seemingly brief moments.

"Then the second night you go back, put on the same thing, do arrivals, a little bit of the cocktail party, chat to a few people," she said.

"Then by the third night of getting ready, 'did the rose ceremony' and on the fourth day you get it all back [on] again and do the pieces to camera."

Well, no wonder walk-out-wonder Vintaea was so farking sick of those earrings.

It's true. I watched the first episode twice. Ain't no shame. Post continues after video... 

The grueling filming requirements were however balanced by a healthy spread of tucker.

"You actually get a crew break. You stop and go into the kitchen and have some food. They've got takeaway, salmon, beef, nachos, hence why you get so fat," she said.

Frost also revealed staff kept a close eye on the alcohol consumption to ensure nobody went from party girl to party GUUUUUURL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"They actually have a very strict alcohol serving policy so if ever they feel like someone's had too much, they'll just cut them off and serve them water," she said.

I mean, if you haven't perfected the: "I swear I'm not drunk" face by your mid-twenties, you really need to re-evaluate your skill set.

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