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How long did you wait before sex with your partner?

Was it the day you met? Did you wait a week, a month a year, till your wedding night or are you still waiting ? Mamamia reader Ange* is perplexed.  She writes:

“I am extremely curious – how many people end up married to people they slept with on the first night?  Is it really true that people who do this don’t end up together forever? Or is the idea you’re meant to ‘wait’ old fashioned?

I am curious because  I have a friend who desperately wants to settle down and get married. But in the meantime she is shagging every man she meets. I am not judging her but I know she wants to get married and I don’t think this behaviour is going to help (plus I don’t think it’s making her happy)

Call me old fashioned but every time she asks for my advice I say why don’t you just wait, get to know someone and see what happens. She is forever having one night stands then moaning about the fact they never call her. It’s starting to get to the point where I’m resenting her phone calls, they are like groundhog day.

Every time I tell her to maybe date, have dinner, get to know someone  before jumping into bed with them she tells me that most of her happily married friends shagged on the first night and it doesn’t make any difference. Am I old fashioned, or is this true?

I’m starting to feel like a dinosaur and I would love some evidence to show my friend as I feel like she’s hurting herself and being self-destructive and I don’t know how to help”

Is there a link between how long you wait before having sex and how long a relationship starts? How long did you date or even know your current partner before you had sex with them?Have you ever had a first-nighter turn into a relationship?