How important are your eyebrows REALLY?

Victoria Beckham Looking for something new and fun to do with your face? Get rid of your eyebrows! Wheeeeee! From The-Emperor's-New-Clothes files comes word that removing or bleaching your brows into oblivion appears to be the latest beauty trend.

Posh hasn't actually done this at the time of posting but if she did, this is how she might look….more celebs after the jump…..

According to the Daily Mail

The look that was once sported by both Mona Lisa and Elizabeth I is now being sold as the last word in modernity.
thinking seems to be that if you've exhausted every other manner of
facial alteration in the book, why not try losing your eyebrows?

all, we've inflated our lips, pierced our noses, smoothed our foreheads
with Botox, chiselled our cheekbones and tattooed our eyelids with

Indeed, in the midst of a recession,
waxing your brows can shake up your look for the price of a pack of
peroxide or pair of tweezers.

a severe style that does little to flatter most female faces, instead
creating an otherworldly lack of expression, and an air of sexless
roboticism to a woman's appearance.

course, in these harsh economic times, it's certainly a way of making a
dramatic style statement without splashing out on an avant-garde
designer outfit.

times are tough, fashion frequently turns to more non-conformist looks
in an attempt to plug into the edgy, unnerving tenor of the times.
(There is a reason that the punk look took off in the Seventies, amid
the strikes and doom and gloom of the decade.)

of those who have already followed this trend have suggested it is, one
described it, 'an optimistic, idealistic statement' which is somehow
unifying because it renders men and women more asexual.

Or? It's just bonkers.

Here is model Adriana Lima with bleached brows in the latest Givenchy ad…

Adriana Lima in the 2009 Givenchy advertisement with bleached eyebrows

Here is the new GIvenchy browless ad….

Givenchy advert

Sienna Miller

Keira Knightley

Here is what some celebrities would look like without their brows: