"It's an elitist club": 7 common myths about Pilates you need to stop believing.

I’ve been in the wellness industry for many years, working as a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor in Melbourne and New York, and I'm here today to set the record straight on one thing: Pilates.

This wonderful movement form is a fantastic way to build core stability and strength throughout your body, improve your posture, make you feel more connected with your body and best of all, make you feel strong.

But even with all these significant benefits, sweeping statements are often made about Pilates and, well, I’m sick of it! So please allow me to debunk these common Pilates myths.

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1: Pilates is only for the super fit.

Pilates is suitable for all people, all levels, ages, shapes and sizes. It’s the beauty of it! 

Classes are designed to push those who need to be pushed, while providing modifications for those who want to take it easy. Plus, a rest break is a good thing in my opinion as it’s an opportunity to tune into what your body needs in that moment.

If you are doing Pilates in an environment where you are made to feel excluded for not being “super fit”, I suggest you find a new instructor.

2: Pilates is easy.

I’m about 99 per cent sure that the person who said this hasn’t tried it.

In fact, the more you do Pilates, the harder it gets! (Wild, I know). 

The truth is, the more you practice certain movements, the more you connect with your body’s alignment in space, called your proprioception. 

As your proprioception develops, you start using the “right” muscles for certain exercises, and become more efficient with your movement. Hello posture, core strength and pelvic stability. 


3: You can’t do Pilates with an injury

Have you heard of clinical Pilates? 

It’s a special form of Pilates, conducted by physiotherapists as a way to prevent and treat injuries. 

The beauty of Pilates, done with the right instructor, is that you can heal your body through movement. You may need to modify an exercise to suit your body, but there is always an option for you. Just ask!

4: You need to wear bougie activewear to attend class.

Let me just say, any workout class or gym that makes you feel like that is a no from me!

That’s actually part of the reason I launched 'Go Chlo On Demand', an online Pilates platform where you can work out from your bedroom, in your pajamas or even in the nude. You do you babe! 

5: Pilates is an elitist club.

There are so many exercise classes and gyms out there that feed into this rhetoric, especially in the age of fat shaming and diet culture. 

Pilates is not that. It’s a movement practice designed to make you feel strong and empowered, and with the right instructor, it should make you feel like part of a community. 


We don’t care what you look like, if your squat isn’t perfect or your plank is a little shaky, we're all trying and having a go and that’s what matters! All are welcome here.

6: Pilates is expensive.

Ok, a lot of Pilates is in fact very expensive. 

But it's not ALL expensive, and for those that can’t afford $35 reformer classes, there are options.

We have last year's lockdown to thank for the huge boost in online Pilates options, which you can do from your home, and which are generally much more affordable. 

If you want free Pilates, YouTube houses some incredible workouts - check some out in this article.  

7: It’s only for women.

I’ll be honest, most of my male clients are husbands and partners of my regulars but that doesn’t mean they don’t love it! 

There is a culture of men working out at the gym to lift heavy weights, chest press and look buff. But as a physio I can tell you that men often need Pilates more than anyone. 

While their biceps may be bulging (good for you mate), they often lack strength in the stabilising muscles of the pelvis and lower back, which can lead to issues and over-activity in the hip flexors, hamstrings and quads.

So, next time you hit the mat, invite a dude to join you! They might also be the one that was telling you “Pilates is easy” and it’ll feel great when you prove them wrong.

Myths debunked? Thought so! I’ll see you on the mat.

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