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Confessions of a Christmas-aholic.

Last week I put my Christmas tree up. In fact, I decked out the whole freaking house.

From Christmas pillowcases on the bed (my husband loves these), a ‘Santa Stop Here’ sign in the front garden, Christmas pyjamas being put into rotation, to the tea towels hanging in the kitchen, I am well and truly ready for the festive season. I also have enforced my strict Christmas carols-only zone in my car, because Michael Bublé.

how do you know that you're obsessed with Christmas

A supercharged Christmas! Where do I sign up? Image via Giphy.


I couldn't be happier.

Yet I have learnt over the years that my Christmas obsession divides people.

There are those who totally get it and can engage in a conversation wholly constructed with lines from Christmas movies and then there are the people who are confused, sometimes even angry about my love affair with Christmas. Honestly they make the Grinch look tame.

how do you know that you're obsessed with Christmas

Isn't it a bit early? It's only November. Image via Giphy.

It's not particularly complicated. Unlike Chandler Bing I have only happy memories about Christmas. The season truly does make me feel jolly.

Even writing this I have a smile goofy grin on my face.

It's true that at times family and friends have raised concerns about my obsession, suggesting that perhaps I tone it down just a little. But this is who I am, take it or leave it.


Never. Christmas is life. Image via Giphy.

I am a 26-year-old loud and proud Christmas-aholic.

Like anyone who is obsessed with anything, there are things that I do that many do not understand. Behold the confessions of a Christmas-aholic*.

*Warning. If you can relate to any of these confessions, you too may in fact be a Christmas-aholic, there is no need to seek help -  just be jolly.

1. Forget the 1st of December. My tree(s) go up in the first week of November.

2. If shopping centres have taught me anything in my time (and they have taught me a lot) it's that one Christmas tree is never enough. Naturally one has a feature tree and then smaller trees. Why? Because then you can have different types of trees and even different decoration themes.

3. I own more than one Christmas jumper and I refuse to call them ugly.

4. I insist, where possible, on only using Christmas lights at night time. They make a room look so pretty.

5. A life mantra of mine is that you are never, ever too old for an Advent calendar. Fact: it is okay advisable to eat chocolate from an Advent calendar at breakfast time.

6. Counting down the days to Christmas from October July makes perfect sense.

how do you know that you're obsessed with Christmas

Only 82 days until Christmas. Winning! Image via Giphy

7. Come Christmas time I forget my regular viewing schedule. It's time for Christmas movies and episodes of my favourite TV shows. Think Love Actually, Elf, Christmas with the Kranks, Home Alone, Gossip Girl, Friends.  The list could go on forever.

8. Going for a drive just to see Christmas lights gets me through my day at work. I could stare at the lights all night long.


9. I buy Christmas everything. Toilet paper, novelty food items, slippers, pyjamas, pillowcases, phone covers, earrings, drink bottles... I think you get the point. I spend 10 months of the year waiting to use my Christmas products again.

10. Buying a dog treat Advent calendar, stocking and Christmas outfit for your dog is perfectly reasonable. What kind of mother monster doesn't?

Hello Santa. I'd like to report a missing reindeer. Image supplied. 

11. I may or may not own too many Christmas undies and socks.

12. I sometimes regularly cry just thinking about Christmas or if someone speaks about Christmas. I’m just so happy.

13. Christmas baking is the best kind of baking. This is the year that I will produce a structurally sound gingerbread house, I just know it.

14. I proudly drive around for the month of December with reindeer antlers and a red nose on my car. Yep, I'm one of those people.

There is a lot to be unhappy about in this world – the fact that I didn’t get Jerry Seinfeld tickets being one of them- so it seems crazy not to embrace a season that makes one so happy.

Go on, grab some tinsel and pump the carols, the most wonderful time of the year is here.