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Would you be impressed with this proposal?

There is still some confusion about whether or not Ricky Nixon actually proposed to his now fiancee Tegan Gould at the McDonalds in Moe. His twitter seems to suggest that he did although  he has sinced claimed that they got engaged on Christmas Eve in Merimbula in NSW. Which is a lot more romantic.  Either way it certainly has us thinking about marriage proposals.

A British study has found one in four women were not impressed by the way their husbands asked for their hand in marriage. Lack of originality was a common complaint, as was the gesture being too public or over-the-top.

So, it seems that guys can’t win.

Gladly, I’m not one of the 25 per cent that hated their proposal, but in reality I would’ve said yes to a Cheezel ring and said cheers with a glass of five-dollar passion pop. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but isn’t it more about the man than the event?

My biggest concern was acting surprised. My now husband and I had been together for nearly a decade before he popped the inevitable question. He decided to take me away for my ‘birthday,’ but this meant that at pre-birthday drinks with friends, it was the hot topic of discussion, “do you think he’s going to propose? He is so going to propose.” He does however remain convinced that he surprised me. Nonetheless, I was busy stressing about packing the perfect outfit to be proposed in.

As these things go, I ended up being too hung-over the next day when he had planned to ask me at sunset. So he went with sunrise instead, my earlier fear of not packing the right proposal outfit went to hell. I was half-awake wearing baggy tracksuit pants (his) and bright pink fuzzy socks (mine). Hey, it was winter in the southern highlands and a morning person I am not.

Trying to throw me off course he bought out a fairly large box covered with happy birthday paper. And okay, I’ll admit, there was a small part of me that wondered if he thought pre dawn was the perfect time to give me a stereo or something. Ripping the paper off and hesitantly peering in, I saw a slightly smaller box inside, and as you can probably guess a smaller one inside that. This went on until I got to the smallest box, and seriously hoping not to get to the end of this solo pass the parcel to find a necklace or something, I was pretty excited (not to mention, relieved) to find a diamond inside.

I can hardly remember what he said or what I said, apart from yes, but it was perfect. Watching the sun come up over the mountain and knowing that I was finally going to make a trip down the aisle with the only person I’d ever wanted to marry. Aside, from Johnny Depp that is.

How did your husband propose? Do you know someone that hated the way they were proposed to?