Got thin hair? Here are 4 clever ways to make it appear thicker.

Me and my very thin hair. (Image supplied.)

While I spend my days longing for thick and voluminous hair, I unfortunately inherited tresses that have the liveliness of the common sloth (thanks Mum, thanks Dad).

I’ve always wondered, what can I do to trick people into thinking I have a head full of glorious hair? Well, friends, I have answers, and I think you’ll like them…

1. Beware of overdoing it with “moisturising products”.

The biggest culprit for weighing down thin hair and in turn making it look sparser? Products that aim to “moisturise”.

“The most important rule for anyone with thin hair wanting to create the illusion of thicker hair is a great product regime,” explains Emiliano Vitale – Creative Director, é SALON in Sydney.

“Avoid heavy, moisture-based treatments as these will weigh the hair down, causing it to appear limp and lank.”

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? But what will my poor dry hair do without moisture? Don’t stress and bin your conditioner out, just be mindful of going easy on it.

“If you don’t use conditioner, this will weaken the hair and make it brittle and flyway. Always use a small amount, and a conditioner that will enhance shine, body and movement.”

2. Bin the brush (yes, really).

According to Uros Mikic, the Creative Director of Kinky Curly Straight in Adelaide, your limp-hair-woes might be the result of your hairbrush when it comes to drying your hair. To give your hair a helping hand, Uros advises you style your strands sans brush! There’s no denying that this sounds crazy but his explanation makes a lot of sense.

“If you use a brush you’re actually smoothing the hair and the cuticle and making the hair appear flatter.”

“Blast the hair with a blow dryer and instead of using a brush, tip your head upside down and finger dry to lift the hair from the roots to mid-lengths. This affects the cuticle by blowing it up and making the hair appear denser and thicker.” (Post continues after gallery.)


3. Utilise your time in the shower.

Yes, that joyous time spent in the shower washing your hair can also be used to get some volume happening. According to Mary Alamine, the Creative Director of Royals Hair in Sydney, simply massaging your scalp with a thickening shampoo can help to boost blood circulation.

Follow this up with conditioner, paying close attention to the tips and mid-section. Repeat after us: Avoid your roots. The scalp is naturally prone to getting oily and generally doesn’t need weighty conditioner slathered onto it.

“Use products that help reduce DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which is a natural metabolite of the human body and the main cause of hair loss in men and women. Volumising and thickening sprays are always great as they help to give fullness and swell the hair shaft when styling the hair.” (Post continues after gallery.)

4. Approach heat (and silicon products) with caution.

Because thin hair is more prone to heat damage, use products that are designed to protect your locks from sizzling under your curling wand and also general environmental damage.

“Ginger root within the shampoo and conditioner of choice will create density and strength whilst also providing nourishment to the hair follicles,” explains Kathleen Lindsay Creative Director, Plush Hairdressing.

Kathleen also recommends that you steer clear of products that contain silicon as an ingredient.

“Do not use silicone based shampoos and conditioners… they will layer over the cuticle of the hair and give heaviness. When heat is added, it’ll cool then snap, leaving finer hair than what you started with.”

Do you have thin hair? What’s the best hair advice you’ve ever received?