"Just because I’m crazy busy doesn’t mean I can’t prioritise my health."

I’m a pretty organised person. I have to be. Because I’m super busy.

I’m a pretty organised person. I have to be. Because I’m super busy. In fact, I can’t think of one person I know who isn’t super busy. It’s just life, isn’t it? But instead of letting it get the better of me I just embrace it and try and stay on top of it. Some days I almost sink under the weight of it all – if my hair is ever in a ponytail, it’s one of those days – other days I just calmly navigate it.

But something I’ve never really done is written down a daily schedule, because I don’t have enough pieces of paper to fit it all on. It can get a bit scary and I normally give up when I get up to 11am. Did I really do all of that just this morning? And I have to do it all again tomorrow? Time for a deep, steadying, breath…

Just as an FYI, you should know that this is an advertorial for Benefiber&#174.

Here’s what a typical weekday looks like for me and I’ve even left a few things out like painting my fingernails on the bus and drinking coffee in the shower.



I woke up and got straight in the shower. I went to bed dressed in my gym gear because I was going to go for a jog or do my work out DVD but it’s TOO COLD. So, hot, hot shower, on the way I turn off all the heaters in the kid’s rooms (my electricity bill is so high!) and I also turn the kettle on.


I make my coffee. Some mornings I get to drink the whole thing. This will not be one of those mornings. A sprinkle of Benefiber&#174 in my coffee goes undetected because it is tasteless and dissolves completely. Just because I’m crazy busy doesn’t mean I can’t prioritise my health. I iron the school uniforms, pack the school lunches and school bags, submit my story ideas to work and before I know it, it’s 6.15 and I’ll be getting my oldest up for his shower, then my middle child, then my daughter gets up. She had her shower last night but deciding between Elsa hair and Ana hair each morning eats up a lot of precious time.

A sprinkle of Benefiber&#174 in my coffee goes undetected because it is tasteless and dissolves completely.


The kids are in various states of dress and undress and I’m demanding to know, “What They Want For Breakfast?” One order for a crumpet, one for a toasted cheese sandwich and my daughter asks for a bowl of cream (random) which we don’t even have so she settles for butter toast. I also stir two teaspoons of Benefiber&#174 into the kid’s morning juice. I need healthy kids and Benefiber&#174 keeps them regular and helps take care of their fibre needs. The best part is they don’t even know it’s there. It’s the perfect way to start the day. I bake lots of breakfast muffins on the weekend as well and I add Benefiber&#174 to the mixture. Both my children and my husband eat these. Increased fibre intake sorted!


We leave the house, I drop my daughter at preschool and the boys at school and just make the 8.30am bus. Yes, that’s how long it takes to drop them all off to the preschool and schools just down the road due to the traffic. On the bus I read a book, snooze or do some work, depending on how I’m feeling. Whoops, I forgot to eat breakfast.

9.30am – 1.45pm

I’m in the office and it’s like a beautiful and strange land I only get to visit. Everyone is dressed and happy and nobody is screaming or throwing toys at each other (most days). I find a banana in my handbag (breakfast!) and make my second coffee. Did I mention that Benefiber&#174 dissolves completely in drinks? If I haven’t used it yet that day, this is the perfect opportunity. Looooove my coffee.



I leave the office and power walk to the bus stop while eating a sushi roll and sometimes a mini chicken pie from Pie Face because pie rocks! I just make the bus and hop on, hoping we don’t get caught in traffic otherwise I’ll miss meeting the boy’s school bus and that always makes me sad. My sister is picking my daughter up from preschool today – HOORAY – which means I can have a delicious afternoon snack. My favourite at the moment is scrambled eggs on toast, and a sprinkle of fairy dust in the eggs once again helps keep me regular. And Benefiber&#174 is actually a food. It is made from wheat. So you don’t have to worry about nasty additives.


Keeping myself and my family regular and healthy is simple with Benefiber&#174 and the kids don’t even know they’re eating it. It’s not some disgustingly gluggy drink. It’s completely undetectable in food or drinks. Dinner started – check. Full of fibre – check.

Laundry. Get it done!

3.15 – 8.45pm

During this time I achieve the following….do two loads of laundry, catch up on some work, clean the kitchen from breakfast time, start dinner, do my exercise DVD or go for a quick jog, hang up the clothes I threw on my bed that morning, text my husband – WHEN ARE YOU GETTING HOME, HELP! – pay some bills, finish making dinner, give the kids dinner, wash up while they trash the lounge room, do home work with eldest son, practice youngest son’s words for the week, give my daughter a shower, help the boys brush their teeth because their dentist told me to, feed the cat, dress the two youngest for bed, read them a story, put them in bed, sit down and watch The Voice or Masterchef with my oldest son then put him to bed, then tidy up the house.

Dinner is the most important meal in my house. I try to find creative ways to sneak Benefiber&#174 into my hubby’s food too! Some day’s its soup, other’s it’s in spaghetti sauce or risotto and this allows me to prioritise my husband’s health as well.


I pack my husband’s lunch and paint my toenails or watch a TV show I can’t watch in front of the kids like Nurse Jackie or The Good Wife.


Finish work, pay some bills, online grocery shop, sometimes eat a little more dinner, eat some chocolate, have some tea and then crawl into bed after setting several reminders on my phone for things I need to do the next day.


My son just called me. His water bottle is empty. He woke his sister up and she asks if she can get into bed with me because she is scared but I convince her to go back to bed by promising to stroke her hair twenty times.

What is the most important thing you do for your family’s health each day?


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