Anti-vaxxers say they know exactly how Prince died. We'll give you one guess...

Most people were shocked to wake up this morning to read of the tragic loss of legendary performer, Prince.

But not anti-vaxxers. They immediately put on their tinfoil hats and solved the mystery of Prince’s passing.

It didn’t take long: According to anti-vaccination campaigners The Truth Kings, we don’t need to wait for an autopsy.

Because Prince apparently died from vaccines.

Or one vaccine in particular.

According to The Truth Kings: “Medical officials have yet to release their version of events […cough…also known as facts…], however, the peculiar set of events preceding one of the most famous artists of all-time point to a vaccine injury.”

According to anti-vaccination campaigners The Truth Kings, we don't need to wait for an autopsy. (Image via Facebook)


How did he become "vaccine injured"?

Well, Prince had the flu a few weeks ago. He was feeling unwell last week and his private plane had to be redirected so that he could be hospitalised. He was released a few hours later. At a dance party near his home the next day, he assured fans that he was feeling fine.

He didn't play, but showed off a guitar to fans. "Wait a few days before you waste any prayers," he told the crowd.

Prince performs onstage at The Hollywood Palladium on March 8, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

But the Truth Kings find something far more sinister about those events:

"The medical emergency which caused the plane to land remains unclear, but suspicion is now high that Prince was potentially give a flu shot injection or heavy doses of Tamiflu. Prince suffers from epilepsy, and the flu shot can be deadly for those suffering from that illness."

Yep. One of the most brilliant performers of our time was felled by the flu shot. Or Tamiflu. Or something that those Big Pharma-brainwashed doctors did to "treat him". You know, just like Princess Di. And Elvis. Probably.

The real, science-backed truth? No official statement has been made about the cause of death.

The Carver County Sheriff's Office said that Prince, whose full name was Prince Rogers Nelson, was found unconscious in an elevator on his estate, Pailsey Park. Until further notice, that's all anyone knows.

Prince was the consummate showman. Watch him in action at the 2007 Super Bowl:

Video via NFL