The photo of Avicii the day before his death that makes his loss all the more tragic.

Authorities have ruled out any “criminal” involvement in the death of Swedish DJ Avicii on Friday.

The 28-year-old, real name Tim Bergling, was found dead in Muscat, Oman, but few details about his death have been released so far. Now, we know police do not believe he was murdered.

“Two postmortems were carried out … and we can confirm that there is no criminal suspicion in the death,” Royal Oman Police told CNN. They did not, however, confirm a cause of death.

Meanwhile, new details have emerged of the Wake Me Up superstar’s final days.

A photo obtained by TMZ shows Avicii on a boat with two friends and drinks – which may or may not be alcoholic – in hand.


TMZ reports the photo was taken Thursday nearby Muscat Hills Resort, where the star was staying. The publication also reports that other photos taken by fellow guests last week show Avicii enjoying his time at the resort. Staff say he was in “good spirits”.

The star has previously struggled with alcohol – he suffered acute pancreatitis that was in part caused by excessive drinking – and has spoken about a decision to stay sober.

In 2013 he told Time Magazine, “Yeah I was drinking way too much, partying in general way too much.”

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“Then I got a pancreatitis attack [at 21], which is very rare. So that forced me to do a 180 and stop drinking.

“I mean, I can still party. I just — I can be sober and party… And I see how drunk everyone else is and I feel like, I kind of like not being hungover tomorrow.”

The DJ’s partying and performing lifestyle continued to be a problem, though, and he chose to take a break from touring in 2016, naming stress, anxiety and illness as factors in his decision.

“Creating music is what makes me happy and I have gotten to know so many great people in my days of touring, seen so many amazing places and created endless of good memories,” he posted on social media at the time.

“The decision I made might seem odd to some but everyone is different and for me this was the right one.”

This week the performer’s family hope to have his body repatriated home to Sweden.

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