The photo that shows us how close The Bachelorette cameras really get.

How intrusive is too intrusive? Thanks to a moment on The Bachelorette, we now have an idea.

Of course, finding love on a reality television show is always going to mean every special moment Georgia and her men experience will be shared by some eager cameraman/woman, a production crew and an entire control room full of people watching on.

Those of us watching along at home are usually so engrossed in the antics of the show, we rarely consider how close the cameras must actually be to capture such an intimate shot.

Behold – this photo on Facebook, which reveals the awkward reality of reality TV.

Fans were quick to point out the severely awkward proximity of which the cammo seemed to be in relation to the kiss, with more that 7,000 comments amassing since it was posted on Facebook on Thursday night.

“Don’t they know what zoom is?” one asked.

“Nothing better than a camera man 30cm from your face when you go in for the smooch,” another wrote.

“Love how the camera guy is trying to be subtle by not looking through the viewfinder,” one more wrote.

The release of the image comes just days after front-runner Matty J broke an unwritten Bachelorette-rule, by acknowledging the prevalence of the cameras while on camera. (It was very meta.)

When Georgia asked the 28-year-old for the strangest thing he’s done while on a date, he replied:

“Probably like tried to kiss a girl in front of heaps of cameras.”

Yep, pretty strange.