The Bachelor contestants have a way of making money on the side.

In the last few weeks, you may have noticed a trend.

Once the women of The Bachelor leave the mansion — either because they failed to receive a rose from Richie, like Noni Janur, or refused to accept one, like Megan Marx — they seem to post particular types of photos on their social media platforms.

They tend to look something like this:

Monday’s don’t suck, it’s your job ???????? @balinibikini

A photo posted by ???????? (@nonijanur) on

Or this:

A topless Megan. Image via Instagram: Megan Marx.

Or this:

Megan and fellow Bachelor contestant, Tiffany. Image via Instagram: Megan Marx.

So, why? Why the nudity?

Well, according to local paparazzi, who spoke to The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday, it's no coincidence so many of the ex-contestants pose nude — because social media fame and modelling careers are the main aim for many of these ex-reality TV stars.

He says many previous contestants have posed for photographers to make some money after their time on the show.

Given the contestants are only paid $90 per day to appear on The Bachelor, it's not surprising they're seeking some extra payment once they leave.

Contestants are only paid $90 a day. Image via Channel 10.

"By the time they exit, they need some cash to make up for not having worked for a few weeks," said the man, who wished to remain anonymous.

"So when the cameras stop rolling, the girls realise they can set up some pap shots and make some money on the side. It also means they can also take control of their image."

Indeed, a number of the ex-contestants seem to be using their time on the show as leverage for fame. They often gain tens of thousands of followers on social media, who are desperately awaiting their next move.

The paparazzi insider told The Daily Telegraph the contestants aren't oblivious to the likelihood of social media fame following their stint on TV.

These are the women still in the running for Richie. Post continues after gallery...

"Because we are up to season four now, previous contestants pass on intel as to how they can make the most of their 15 minutes and often that involves a racy photoshoot," he said.

But, of course, it's not just women who seem to be capitalising on reality TV fame to make some extra money.

Sam Wood has used his platform to promote his fitness program 28 by Sam Wood, and last season's runner up Michael Turnbull reportedly endorses products on Instagram to make a profit.

Maybe if I looked like any of these people, I'd be tempted to turn my personal brand into a lucrative business venture too. But I guess I'll never know...

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